Swiss Natural Walking Exercises («Gait-Progamming excercises»)

Main features and effects of naturally balanced walking:

  • Balanced walking: This activates all of your small balancing muscles and calls on them to support the joints. This not only relieves strain from overstrained large muscles, tendons and ligaments, but also protects your joints and optimises movement.
  • Natural hip mobility/opening of the pelvis: Naturally balanced walking mobilises the hips and pelvic area in all directions. This releases tension caused by walking on flat everyday surfaces. The small muscles are in constant motion, which keeps them lastingly elastic and mobile. Moreover, activating gluteal and pelvic floor muscles also aligns your hips and therefore your posture.
  • Swinging arms to relax back muscles: Actively rocking your foot keeps you standing upright while you walk. This triggers 3D hip/pelvic motion, which in turn initiates the upper body rotation and lets your arms swing, which is important because it relaxes your back.
Important for all exercises:
  • When carrying out the exercises, follow the instructions as closely as possible
  • Practise until the rhythm can be carried out loosely and harmoniously
  • The speed can be adjusted:
    • Faster: The exercise becomes easier and has a relaxing effect
    • Slower: The exercise becomes difficult and trains muscles
  • Let the shoulders hang loosely
  • Increasing the level of difficulty: Complete all exercises with the eyes closed