On scientific work

The topic of exercise in everyday life and at work is getting more and more attention in science and is constantly gaining exciting new insights, such as the extreme harmfulness of sitting. Many of these study results can be very well applied to kybun products and MechanoTherapiee or indirectly prove the benefits of kybun products.                                                            One example is standing at work. It has long been proven that standing instead of sitting has a very positive effect on the musculoskeletal system. Standing on a kyBounderr doesn't represent a revolution whose impact is necessary to re-prove, but it is based conceptually on scientific knowledge and even extends this to a few positive aspects such as comfort, exercise and relaxation. To prove empirically and to demonstrate in numbers these positive additional aspects is sure to be one of our projects for the future, but at the moment for us it is more important and more authentic to show the effects and potential of kybun products through testimonials and concerned opinions .

For an overview of existing scientific papers and reports on the subject of exercise see the points "Studies and reports on exercise" and "kyBoott gait analysis comparison (ETH study)".

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