Sock Collection

Healthy socks, designed for your well-being

In collaboration with the traditional Swiss company Rohner AG, kybun Joya has developed 3 types of high-tech and health-enhancing socks.

  • Grip Socks
  • Diabetic Socks
  • Compression Socks

Grip Socks:

Those who like to walk without shoes are well advised to use our chic grip socks. They keep you non-slip and stable in every situation. The high proportion of bamboo absorbs moisture and keeps your feet dry.


  • Reinforced high-heel
  • Ball reinforcement
  • Soft to wear

Material & care:

  • 80% Viscose (bamboo)
  • 18% Polyamide
  • 2% Elastane

Diabetic Socks:

This soft, comfortable diabetic sock is specially designed to protect sensitive skin. The supportive fit does not restrict you and does not cause creases in the shoe. Crabyon® natural fibers have an antibacterial effect, as they contain the growth of bacteria and remove moisture. In addition, SeaCell® fibers supply the skin with trace elements, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins to regenerate it. High quality cotton provides long-lasting softness and comfort. No end edge thanks to non-slip shank technology, which prevents slipping and cutting.


  • No pressure points
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-odor
  • Promotes circulation
  • Soft border
  • Specially developed for diabetics
  • Perfect fit – seamless and no yarn joins

Material & care:

  • 64% Cotton
  • 13% Polyamide
  • 12% SeaCell® 
  • 6% Smartcel®
  • 5% Crabyon®

Compression Socks:

Be it long haul flights, countless hours at the desk or on your feet all day, this compression sock for daily use offers a degressive pressure pattern, scientifically proven to improve circulation. In addition, the design has an anatomical fit that ensures a tailored fit and superior support.


  • Pressure reduction
  • Soft wearing comfort
  • Reinforced high-heel
  • Improved arterial circulation in the legs

Material & care:

  • 59% Cotton
  • 31% Polyamide
  • 10% Elastane (Lycra®)