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kybun – The Swiss air-cushion shoe

There’s nothing comfier!
The kybun shoe creates an unprecedented level of comfort as you walk and is unlike any other shoe. The kybun shoe allows you to experience the same level of comfort that you feel when using the kybun mat.

walk-on-air sole
The kybun shoe makes you feel like you are walking on a soft, springy air cushion. You will feel as light as a feather – a unique feel-good experience. The thrill you will feel from your very first step will only increase with time.

Foot sensor technology
The sole of the kybun shoe is the world’s first sole that allows feet to feel every detail of the floor. The soles of your feet will be gently stimulated with every step. This incredible innovation really comes into its own when you walk on gravel or cobblestones.

Foot climate system
The honeycomb air structure of kybun soles creates an air cushion between your foot and the ground, pumping a fifth of the air volume into your foot area with every step. This creates an extremely comfortable shoe climate.

Benefits and effects

  • Relieves the strain on joints and relaxes back muscles
  • Strengthens your foot, leg and core muscles
  • Increases calorie expenditure
  • Activates the leg and vein circulation
  • The soles of your feet are stimulated by ‘touching’ the ground

The kybun shoe is relaxing, helps you to get fit and is a lot of fun.

Opinions/customer testimonials

Mrs. Eisbach from Andernach, Germany

Mrs. Eisbach from Andernach, Germany

I’m so impressed with these shoes. I used to have a heel spur and I’ve actually lost track of all the places I tried before resorting to private treatment. Let me tell you straight up that it was ridiculously expensive. I tried everything that my health insurance would cover and honestly, I was going around with a really bad heel spur for a year and a half. I just didn’t know where to go in the end. My husband and I really love hiking. But I just couldn’t go anymore so he had to go alone, which really upset me. I always thought that there must be something else out there and then I discovered this shop. I thought, ok, I’ll have a look and then I ended up buying the shoes. I had some minor problems with them in the beginning because I had an inflammation in my foot. Once that cleared up, it only took four days for the pain in my feet to go away. I think I’ve had these shoes for about three months now and they’re still the only ones I wear. I highly recommend them. I’m so impressed! For me, these shoes are the best thing since sliced bread!

Rosalba Jäggi from Switzerland

Rosalba Jäggi from Switzerland

I sense that my foot, even when it doesn’t work so well anymore, wants to sense what’s on the ground. A stiff sole doesn’t convey that information. Because this information was lacking, I would sometimes fall. With these shoes, I have a good sense of the ground. My foot is always trying to do exactly that, even if it no longer can. It wants to achieve balance, and now it can with the support of this sole, and that’s amazing. For me, it’s a different quality of life. It gives me hope for myself again and the confidence to move around.

Arthur Rusch from Wasserburg, Germany

Arthur Rusch from Wasserburg, Germany

When I began to have severe foot pain due to a bunion (a bony bump that forms above the big toe joint),  I considered having an operation. But I wanted to try out the kyBoot first. This is how I came to visit the kyBoot specialty shop at 29 Bodanstrasse in Konstanz, Germany, at 3 pm on 6 February 2016. I was very sceptical, which meant that I asked a lot of questions. I was surprised to discover how friendly and knowledgeable the salesperson was. She was very patient, offered great advice and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. A big compliment is due to this excellent salesperson! I decided to buy the Jindo Tobacco model for men (size 43 1/2) and kept the shoes on for my stroll through the city of Konstanz. The shoes immediately provided a new, more comfortable feeling – I was happy with how comfortable they were. We ended up almost missing the ferry back, and we would have if we hadn’t sprinted our way to the harbour. This is when it struck me that I could never have sprinted like that in my old, regular shoes – at least not without it being extremely painful. I was even happier to realise that I could run painlessly in these shoes. This was not possible before. Thanks to this new level of comfort, I have been able to walk around without the bunion causing me any pain. I also used to suffer from problems due to straining my ankle. These problems also went away very quickly. This shoe saved me from needing an operation. I can only recommend that anyone with similar problems should at least try out the wonderful kyBoot shoe first, before having an operation.