The sole made of elastic springy material

The special properties of spring-resilient materials

During his long time in Korea, Karl Müller discovered the positive elastic resilient properties of clay soil on the rice fields. After several years of intensive research, he found a suitable material consisting of a multi-component polyurethane (PU). He optimized this material until it became:

  • extremely elastic, yet
  • has a high springback force and
  • long-lasting quality
Barefoot on soft moss
Like walking barefoot on soft moss

Walking on elastic springy materials

The elastic springy sole allows the foot to sink in deeply when walking. This gently strains the muscles and joints. While conventional soles only feel soft on the surface the foot sinks deep and soft in the kybun shoe.

The elastic sole allows the foot maximum freedom of movement in all directions. The PU material allows the foot to spring back like a trampoline after it has adapted to the material. This elasticity provides a high coordinative training effect and natural foot movements help to balance the posture.