Soft, elastic sole

The soft, elastic sole of the kybun shoe/kybun mat gives your foot a pleasant feeling when walking and standing. Your foot can roll over naturally, much like it does when you walk barefoot on a natural surface. The three-dimensional freedom of movement on the soft, elastic material trains the foot musculature with every step.

This is healthy not only for your feet, but for your whole body. In the kybun shoe/kybun mat, joints are loaded gently and are strengthened and mobilised at the same time.


The soft, elastic material of the kybun shoe/kybun mat means that the sole/mat may feel unstable at first. That is the feeling experienced by people with weakened foot                 musculature or limited foot mobility.
When you walk in the kybun shoe, your foot musculature is trained and you feel increasingly stable and safe.
The material adapts to the gait, dampens impacts and, depending on the weight of the wearer, is compressed to varying degrees.


The soft, elastic kybun shoe sole can be very training-intensive in the beginning and can be too much for some. They feel unstable or unsafe on the sole.

The causes of the ‘wobbly’ feeling can include:

  • Unstable feet/ankles:
  • Excessive weight
  • Weakened foot musculature/untrained feet
  • Limited foot movement (stiff joints)
  • Balance disorders (such as those associated with neurological disorders)

Long-term consequences

People in developed nations walk on hard surfaces, either on cement or on hard, stiff shoe soles.

The feet adapt to these conditions. Because we scarcely roll our feet through the step or push off the toe, our foot musculature becomes increasingly weak and our feet generally immobile.

Foot pain and foot malpositions (hallux valgus, pes planus deformity, flatfoot, splayfoot etc.) are the results. These later lead to limping, pain, malpositions and damage to the higher joints (such as osteoarthritis of the knee or hip or back problems).

Conventional therapy

With foot pain or malpositions:

  • Physiotherapy: Active and passive movement therapy among other things
  • Avoiding footwear that harms your feet.
  • Walking barefoot a lot
  • Wearing orthopaedic insoles/supporting shoes

The kybun principle of operation – being proactive

The soft, elastic kybun shoe sole may take some getting used to at first, but you will soon become comfortable with the new feeling of standing and walking.

The kybun shoe sole trains your feet: It strengthens foot musculature, improves mobility and stimulates sensitivity. This provides active therapy for foot malpositions and trains foot coordination and balance.

Initial reactions

Specific initial reactions with instability in the kybun shoe:

Lateral/medial rolling in the kybun shoe over a long period of time can lead to pain and irritation in the foot or on the side of the knee. It is therefore important to prevent lateral/medial rolling and actively correct the foot position.

Click here for the general initial reactions experienced by kybun mat and kybun shoe beginners: Initial reactions

kybun exercises

For information about the special kybun shoe exercises or the basic kybun mat exercises, please click here: kybun exercises

Application tips

If you feel too unstable in the kybun shoe and there is not too much space in the shoe itself, we recommend a  kybun shoe model with a lower rebound effect. This model has a slightly broader sole, making it somewhat more stable (seek further advice at a specialised kybun store).

If you still feel too unsafe walking in the kybun shoe, we advise using the kybun mat. The kybun mat is available in three different thicknesses. This allows you to choose the thickness that is most comfortable for you (the thicker, the less stable, and the more intensive the training).
You can also hold on to a fixed object if you need additional support when using the kybun mat.
Please consult a kybun dealer.

If you initially experience uncertainty/instability in the kybun shoe, taking slightly shorter steps may help.

Opinions/customer testimonials

The kybun shoe gives me stability and comfort that enables me to walk longer and further without discomfort.

The relief from plantar fasciitis is good. I worry I’ll never be able to go back to all my other shoes but kybun shoes have already changed my life for the better.

The kybun mat adapts to your feet very well. The parts that press down harder sink - in deeper; it's really very comfortable.

It's a nice feeling.

I don't think it's bad; it's cool. And on these mats it's really comfortable.

But I like standing on these kybun mats; they're comfortable.

It's soft and comfy; simply not as hard as the floor.

I was interested in how the mats would feel.

They're nice and soft, and comfortable too.

When you're sitting your legs sometimes fall asleep, but that doesn't happen when you stand, and your feet are more comfy.

My own background is in research so I am always willing to try out new things. I have seen how helpful the shoes can be. I was particularly impressed when my wife told me that she couldn’t imagine going without these shoes. She says she now needs to go and change all of her other shoes. She is absolutely delighted. The shoes will particularly help pregnant women who were already suffering from pain. But they can also help people who have pain in the musculoskeletal system or neurological problems and I think pregnant women can definitely benefit from wearing them. Women can benefit from wearing kyBoot shoes, whether it is during the pregnancy itself or afterwards in the nursing period where joints are still more elastic and need more care.

I believe that the kyBoot shoe can absorb the impact of walking, which is exactly what makes it easier to move gently. Personal testimonies show that women benefit from the cushioning effects on their joints not only during their pregnancy but afterwards as well. The kyBoot shoes can also help people who already have problems. For example, people who have had a knee operation or are already experiencing pain in their musculoskeletal system can benefit tremendously from wearing kyBoot shoes.

It feels rather unstable. And you notice its effect because it forces you to move differently. It’s just a small adjustment, but it teaches you to walk more purposefully. You get used to the feeling very quickly. It feels very pleasant and comfortable. This is why I began to feel very well in these shoes at my practice after a short transition period. Now I always wear kybun shoes at my practice and I feel very comfortable in them.

That being said, back pain relief is not the only reason I love the kybun shoe. I also find walking in the kybun shoe to be more refreshing. It just makes me feel good – plain and simple.

I’ve been wearing the kybun Schuh for over two years now, for two reasons. Firstly, it got rid of my knee problems, and secondly, because this air-cushion shoe has given me a whole new lease on life. It lets me walk without pain.

These shoes make walking much more fun, which is why I take a lot more walks these days.

It’s a very comfortable feeling, since I am used to standing a lot anyway. I have a standing desk at the office where I work so I find it very important to be able to move. It simply makes me feel good to be moving not only when I’m at work but also in my daily life in general.

It is exciting. The mat makes you feel like you are standing in a forest. You need to keep moving, because you are constantly compensating for the variations within the surface.

It was great to try something new, since I often have back pain when I sit for a long time, and my eyes begin to close when I am particularly tired. You are constantly in motion when you are standing on the mat, which makes you feel active and keeps you more awake. It leaves a tingling sensation afterwards – I feel like I’ve just received a foot massage. I think it’s great.

It feels very comfortable right away. The mat makes it far easier to stay standing. At some point, I found myself feeling tired and needed to move my legs to make it easier to stay standing and not need to sit down again. Soon afterwards, I felt comfortable again.

I felt quite free as a result of this movement. I often find myself shifting the weight of my body from one leg to the other. So today I tried to make sure that I was distributing my weight evenly onto both legs and feet at the same time. This was very comfortable.

I always make sure to stand on the kybun mat while I iron and consciously shift my weight to my right side, where I experience issues. That’s made things a lot better.

Ever since I started wearing kyBoot shoes, I can stand and walk again. I particularly appreciate the fact that I no longer feel pain when I’m in bed.

Wearing the kyBoot is addictive.

It definitely gives you a more upright posture and it makes you more flexible too. You stand on a soft sole. I like the fact that when I stand, I’m not rigid and motionless, I am moving around.

I actually discovered the kybun shoe completely by chance. I tried on a pair and found that I could actually walk very well in them. Now it is simply my shoe. I can really step on each heel and roll over my foot to the toes. The shoe helps me get a firmer footing and compensates for the movements within my stump. It simply feels great to walk and the main advantage by far is that I don’t stumble anymore. This was always a problem I experienced when I was wearing other shoes.  I would often trip over my toes and stumble when walking on uneven streets.

It’s the shoe for every occasion. If you’re on the go a lot. Whenever I take my dog for a walk, I always wear my kybun shoes. Nothing else even comes close.

If I need to stand for a long time or spend a lot of time on my feet, then I put them on. I even go on mountain runs while wearing my kybun shoes. They’re suitable for light exercise. But I really do need them for exercising.

Shoes are very important. They are an important part of the prosthesis. As I said, I could never find the right shoe for me during all the time I spent wearing the prosthesis. The kybun shoe is simply the perfect shoe for me. I first learnt about the kybun shoe when I got onto the bus at a different bus stop. I saw a kybun shop right behind me. There was an intriguing exhibition going on, where a film was being shown. I went to the shop the next day and asked if the kybun shoe could also be something for people who wear prostheses. Mr Meier was very friendly and knowledgeable and gave me all the information I needed. He said he didn’t have any experience with people who wear prostheses, but that I could try on a pair of the kybun shoes if I wanted to. I took him up on the offer and since then, I have been impressed with the shoe each and every day.

It was a soft and comfortable feeling. I actually felt very comfortable from the very beginning. I tried walking around in the shoes at this shop for 15 minutes. Then I walked out onto the street right away and wore the shoes all day. I continued to walk, taking tiny steps, feeling very comfortable in the shoes. The main advantage by far is the fact that I don’t stumble anymore. I used to always get caught, either at my toes  or at my heels, which made me skid. Walking is now very pleasant and soft, even for the stump. I no longer feel the hard impact on my knee or stump. It is simply a wonderful, soothing feeling all around.

I can now walk without any pain. I used to always feel a pressure in the prosthesis and was actually always in pain when walking. The pain is now completely gone, and I feel wonderful wearing the prosthesis.

I realised that if you sit and work at a computer, you automatically adopt the wrong posture. The standing desk and the mat in combination help me to greatly improve my posture. Since buying them, I really feel that I have less back pain. I regularly had it in the past – and now it’s gone. I feel much more agile and comfortable at work.

You always have to work a bit with your body. That means that you’re always moving and I think that is what keeps your body fit. Which, at the end of the day, contributes to a healthy posture.

We use similar products at the sports hall to encourage muscle stability. But I have to say, we haven’t had anything like this before. Either they were too wobbly or they didn’t make any real difference. I think this mat could really be a good surface for us to try out at our sports hall.

When you’re standing, you have to be more active; if you’re sitting in a comfortable seat, you tend to feel a bit tired instead.

There are two reasons for this. First, they are very comfortable. And second, they involve a lot of movement. These factors are important for me, since, as an office person, I don’t have many opportunities to be active.

I had only ever heard about kybun shoes. I’ve worn them quite often since we’ve started our partnership. They’re really comfortable to walk around in. They also help my locomotor system.

Wherever I’m going, I enjoy walking in them because they are so comfy. You can walk on stony ground and up and down stairs without a problem.

I think that it also has very good traction. If you walk into the kitchen and the floor is wet, you don’t feel as if you’re going to slip. That’s a good reason to wear them when you have this kind of job.

I’ll wear them for the rest of my working life and I’ll keep wearing them when I retire. And when I’m outdoors, too. The shoes are very comfortable and I feel great. I also feel lighter.

I always used to have very heavy legs and since I’ve worked in these, I don’t have them anymore.

I stand more upright and because you have to maintain your balance, my musculature has also improved.

You walk a lot more gently, it’s more comfortable to stand. It’s much more pleasant now to spend the entire day at work, which is about ten to 12 hours.

At the beginning, it was hard to get used to the shoes. It also felt like I had sore muscles in my shin; I don’t even know if that’s possible. Sometimes I had to change back into normal shoes, but now it’s OK. I would never give them away.

A customer recently approached me about the shoe I was wearing and asked whether it is easy to wear. He was experiencing a similar kind of pain as the pain I felt in the past. So I told him: The shoes are simply great! He then went onto purchase a pair for himself and is very satisfied.

When I don’t want to stay out very late, I put on a different pair of shoes so I’ll feel pain in my feet after a while and go home earlier. When I want to stay out late, I put on the kyBoot shoe, since it allows me to stay standing through the entire night.

I was wearing the hiking shoe while cleaning. I had the shoe on the whole time standing in water. It still hasn’t dried up out there. Before I knew about kybun, I wore regular shoes to clean. I had to switch them out each season. The sole would always detach from the shoe. The kybun shoe is waterproof, so, of course, I treated it like you’d treat any shoe. It kept my feet warm and dry, even far into autumn and winter. It’s still all in one piece, three years down the line.

It’s very soft, like cotton or a cloud. It’s very comfortable. I started by trying out the hiking shoe, and it was like wearing a slipper. I’ve never – or very seldom – found a shoe as comfortable as this one. It’s also comfortable to walk in – your foot just rolls a different way. It’s just really comfortable.

For me, the main difference lies in how I feel when I’ve been standing for a long time. I spend a lot of time at markets and trade fairs, which means long days on my feet. I rely on the fact that I have a shoe that helps me keep from tiring out too quickly. Here in the shop, we’ve also set up a lot of our workstations with standing desks. I also appreciate that I have a good shoe to wear when I’m standing and working here.

I had always wanted to experience the feeling of walking on air. I also hope that I’ll get to experience the feeling of sleeping on air sometime, too. I was fascinated by this shoe; I wanted to try it on right away. I thought to myself: I’ll test it out now. I stuck with it – it’s been nearly eight years now.

I can’t think of anything about these shoes that could be improved. If they were taken away from me, I would quit. They are so important. I feel happy every time I put them on and walk in them. They just work, almost of their own accord. I don’t have to exert myself when I walk in them. I don’t have to concentrate to walk five or six kilometres in them. I can walk with complete freedom. The shoes relax my whole body, which enables me to enjoy life! They are a lifeline. As you get older, you start to value this sort of thing.

The kyBoot has many benefits including those that can be enjoyed by everyone else too – fully sighted or not. The kyBoot is wonderfully soft when walking and it absorbs impacts and vibrations.

One benefit that I’ve come across is that when I step awkwardly on uneven ground the kybun sole absorbs the impact. You don’t go over on your ankle like you definitely would with a conventional, hard sole. Instead, unevenness under foot such as a stone or tree root is simply absorbed or taken in by the sole and I can walk over it as if there were nothing on the ground.

At that point, I had my doubts. I wondered whether I could even walk in these shoes. The information that I take in from the ground through my feet is really important for me. Because I can’t see the floor or any uneven ground I have to be able to feel what’s under foot through my feet so that I can hold the rest of my body correctly. I was worried that the sole would be too effective and suppress this sensation, preventing me from getting my information from the ground.

I was absolutely amazed right from the beginning that it worked and how effective it was. When I step on a stone or uneven ground, I can still feel it despite the absorption in the sole that evens it out.

The price tag is by no means cheap but what I can experience and feel in these shoes I haven’t found anywhere else. Either you make the investment and experience the joy of comfortable walking or simply miss out.

I’m out and about on foot a lot and I love being active. When I was wearing the kyBoot shoes I thought wow, it also eases the arthritis in my big toe joint. The pain was hugely reduced, almost to the point that it disappeared. That’s when I knew it would be a good idea to have these shoes.

How did you find out about kybun World? I first discovered kybun World at the RHEMA trade fair in Altstätten. I received a voucher when I visited the stand. How have you found the elastic springy feel of the kybun shoe? I almost exclusively wear kybun shoes now, because walking in these shoes is totally different to walking in shoes with conventional soles. What did you enjoy about the tour you went on at kybun World? It was very interesting to see how important a shoe like this can be to your well-being.

I had a serious Achilles tendon operation more than a year and a half ago, and they also had to operate on the muscle. Afterwards I didn’t have any feeling in the ankle joint and I was unable to roll the foot over properly. So I needed a shoe that handles the rollover function. The MBT does that, which is why I had the MBT in the first place. The advantage of the kybun shoe is that it not only helps me with the rollover function, but it’s very soft as well. This helped me tremendously in dealing with everyday life.

I already knew about the predecessor MBT shoes and found out about the new style from my colleagues. I was impressed right from the start. I love the feeling of walking on sand or clay. You can experience this feeling in nature, but wearing shoes that give you the feeling all day long is simply amazing.

As you can imagine, I am very happy with these shoes. They have alleviated this very problematic complaint of mine. And when I am getting around by foot I walk on uneven surfaces like this meadow and other ones. So it is very bumpy underfoot. I always wear these shoes. I even wear them when I go out. And out on the meadow, or for doing gardening. I always wear these shoes. What used to be a very big problem has been eliminated.

Of course I did have my doubts because I couldn’t imagine it. I thought it would be very difficult and wondered if I would be steady on my feet. Would the air all escape at some point? But these were all negative suspicions and none of them turned out to be true.

I walked a bit funny initially, and it took some time, but now I don’t have any pains whatsoever in my spine. I’m happy that I have this shoe. I would never give it away! Without a doubt, I would never give these shoes away. I still have other shoes, but I must say that I don’t wear them very often. Thanks to the kybun shoe, I’ve been bringing the dogs for a lot of walks, and that’s been the best thing ever!

It got so bad, that I had to walk with crutches for a time, because I really couldn’t walk anymore. There are so many things you can try. You can give insoles a go, but it’s all very expensive and that doesn’t ecessarily mean that they will even work. You end up having to buy new shoes anyway to insert the insoles, and those don’t come cheap, either. You’re much better off just buying a kybun shoe. It really improves your health. It straightens up your posture, for example. It simply takes the load off your back and other areas. Every part of you becomes more relaxed by simply moving as you walk.

I could never have anticipated this. I thought that my pain would diminish over time or in some other way, but I really didn’t expect this progress.

I would recommend it to virtually anybody who has the same complaints that we had. A lot of people suffer from them, and they really wouldn’t have to if they just opted for a shoe that naturally fitted their body, and only wore that. You can prevent a lot of pain and other ailments that you wouldn’t be able to do anything about otherwise. You don’t always have to wear the shoe, but make sure that the entire foot mechanism is really put to good use, because wearing the standard shoes on the market nowadays makes it almost impossible for the foot to move naturally. That will only happen if you wear these shoes, and that’s when you’ll find out what you’ve been missing out on.

It’s something completely different. When you get home and take your shoes off, it’s a completely different feeling, even after a long day at work. It’s true.

I would absolutely recommend that you try it out. Like I said, it’s like walking on a cloud, you’re a lot more comfortable. I find that you notice you’re doing something good for the body by having to keep your balance all the time. You somehow notice every muscle more than you did before.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that these shoes have probably added a few more years to my life. Although my disease is very rare, I suspect there are a lot of people who have similar difficulties. People who can’t walk or leave the house, who have gout and so on, could benefit a lot from these shoes. It’s like walking on a cloud, and if just standing in the kitchen causes you pain the shoes’ effects are absolutely sensational.

I think it’s great! It takes the weight off your back. It felt a bit funny at first, but after a while I was gradually able to get used to it.

Wearing it feels really great. I only took it off so that my shoes would match my clothes. But I have already bought two pairs and will definitely wear them.

How did you find out about the World of walk-on-air? I came on a daytrip with the Chrischona church in Amriswil/Romanshorn/Arbon.
How does it feel to wear kybun shoes?
Fantastic, it’s like walking on clouds. It’s very pleasant.
Would you recommend the product to others?
Absolutely, I would definitely recommend it!

I sense that my foot, even when it doesn’t work so well anymore, wants to sense what’s on the ground. A stiff sole doesn’t convey that information. Because this information was lacking, I would sometimes fall. With these shoes, I have a good sense of the ground. My foot is always trying to do exactly that, even if it no longer can. It wants to achieve balance, and now it can with the support of this sole, and that’s amazing. For me, it’s a different quality of life. It gives me hope for myself again and the confidence to move around.

I have to regain a lot of strength. It’ll take time, and I have to give myself that time. Wearing these shoes gives me confidence, because I notice that I can move again. That helps me trust my body again. I’m now getting feedback again from my body that I’m doing well. I want to do it, and I’ll give myself as much time as I need to get better.

The first time I put them on, I felt like I was walking on a spring. It’s a great feeling, a sort of seesaw motion!

I feel much less tired, so it makes things a lot easier in the evenings, and my feet don’t ache as much. In fact they hardly ever ache any more.

Everyone likes having them on. They really love to wear them. Everyone mentions how comfortable they are. Especially for the first few days, we kept saying: Wow, these shoes are so soft!

The real benefit for me is that I’m comfortable when walking and have a lightness to my step. I don’t have a limp despite two surgically repaired hips, and my feet don’t sweat and are never tired. My feet are moving, I feel good and I stand up straight. I no longer hunch over, and my back pain is gone. The kyBoot is everything I had hoped for from a custom shoe.

It makes a big difference, and now I can’t do without it. It’s a lot lighter and softer. You can relax more on the kybun mat.

It’s definitely better to work standing up in the afternoon or after eating. When you get to stand on such a nice and comfortable surface, then it’s pleasant to work in the afternoon.

The advantage is that I experience far less pain. In normal hiking shoes, which don’t cushion your feet, my right knee always hurt. That stopped with the kybun shoes. While wearing it, I only experienced a very small amount of pain after I had been walking for a very long distance. With normal shoes, I would never have been able to do that. That’s really the advantage of wearing the kybun shoes.

Before he switched to the kyBoot, his legs would be tired from working on hard surfaces. Now it’s like walking on clouds. I have to say it’s a great feeling.

It’s like walking on air-filled balls. One teeters from one side to the other. But it’s really comfortable from the moment you put it on. When I used to go up or down the stairs, I felt every step and every time my foot hit the ground. Now, I don’t feel a thing. The cushioning is simply fantastic.

Why do you wear shoes like that? They’re special shoes. Yes, they’re called kyBoot. They’re air-cushioned and wonderful. After walking a long distance barefoot on the beach, I ended up with a heel spur. That means a tear in the heel bone. I could no longer walk properly for months. Then I discovered the kyBoot and was able to try the shoes out. Lo and behold, all is well again. Since then, I always wear the kyBoot – in the mountains and elsewhere.

The best way to describe them is to imagine what it is like to walk on moss. There is a nice rolling motion, even when playing fast sport, which is very pleasant. At first I wondered if the soft effect would make it difficult to play a fast sport, but that wasn't the case at all.

I’m always hearing older people saying that they no longer play on hard courts. It’s just too hard and you need to compensate a lot as a result.

Anyone who would like to have that soft feeling when they walk, people who need to take care of their joints and anyone who has hip, knee or back problems. I highly recommend trying out these shoes.

You don’t just stand in place; you’re constantly moving. That trains you up. It loosens you up, too. It's amazing.

My steps are softened. My knees hurt less; there are no shocks and impact. I definitely won’t be giving the shoes away.

What are your symptoms and how can kyBoot help you? My Achilles tendons have been inflamed for six to seven months. I was in physiotherapy and tried a number of things. Nothing worked. I have been wearing kyBoot shoes for one month and I have the feeling that things have improved. The pain is less severe and the swelling has gone down. It’s better now. How did you find out about the consultation day? I came to the shop around four weeks ago because of my Achilles tendinitis. I had already heard about it and it had been recommended to me. Then someone spoke to me about it in the shop and I thought it was a good idea. How does it feel to wear kyBoot shoes? They feel soft, like walking on air. They automatically stretch the tendons. If you walk over rocks in the forest, they cushion your steps. They are very comfortable.

How did you find out about the consultation day? From the manager of this shop. How does it feel to wear kybun shoes? Very pleasant, easy on the joints. I can’t say for sure but I think so. Could you imagine wearing kybun shoes every day? Yes, because they feel comfortable and I want to do something good for myself.

Each day, we spend 14 to 15 hours on our feet, and these shoes keep us from developing back and foot pain. It’s a great feeling.

I’m beyond satisfied with them. You walk so easily in them, and your legs never get tired.

It feels like flying. Your roll your feet and it makes you stand up straighter than a regular shoe would. When you wear regular shoes, you feel like you’re rolling your feet roughly – or if not rolling, then standing too firmly. When you wear these shoes, you roll your feet and walk gently.

What I found so good about the kybun shoe over longer distances, is that you forget them. I’m comfortable walking in them and I don’t think about the fact that I’ve got them on. I think that’s the best type of shoe – when you don’t even notice you’re wearing them.

I’m not the type of person who would just advertise or promote a product. I’ll use a product when I’m really convinced by it. At the moment, it’s these shoes but I’m satisfied with other products, too. The benefit of these shoes is really that I feel better when I’m out and about for a long time. I have fewer problems with my legs and feet when I have to stand for long periods. That impressed me a few years ago and made  me choose these shoes.

They are perfect! I had the chance to put them on yesterday after the election evening and it was great to be able to wear comfortable shoes at last. I’m also wearing them at the moment and they fit just perfectly.

It’s more easy-going because you can relax your back and the mats are very comfortable. It’s comfortable to work this way.

They’re really comfortable. You hardly notice the hard ground. It’s like floating. I feel like I’m walking on clouds.

I thought that was a good thing. I can't imagine it won't help. It was pointed out to me that they weren’t hard on the bottom. I suppose it’s just logical that that would make things better. Improvement is practically a given with this padding underneath.

For 20 years, all my shoes have had to be two centimetres higher. Then I was straight again and walking was so much easier because it was soft now instead of hard. I then had to find out whether this would even be possible with these shoes. Whether this elevation could actually be done with the material. I got my answer and they made it in the factory with the two centimetre height increase – and it’s great.

How did you find out about the consultation day? We visited the headquarters here in Roggwil. We had a look around for ourselves. We heard about it from lots of different people. We tried on some shoes here. All it took was 10 or 20 minutes. We felt really good in them and decided to buy them. Then we tried them out in day-to-day life. After wearing these shoes for six months, I can now say for sure that it’s much better than it was. How would you describe how it feels to wear kybun shoes? Well, how can I describe it? It feels as though you’re walking on a cloud. The only disadvantage is that you walk a bit unevenly to start with. But you get used to it. Other than that, they are very warm. I was still having problems with my left leg. I used to walk with my foot tilted outwards. That has straightened up since I’ve been wearing these shoes. The pain has also disappeared. I used to have a painful knee, probably for that reason. The doctor said he’d give me an injection for it. Then I enquired about it and he said that one cortisone injection lasts three months. It’s four months with another method, and then you have to get it again. So I decided to leave it for a while. I was exercising anyway and moving my leg about. And now I’ve got these shoes and it’s been fine ever since. Would you recommend kybun shoes to others? Yes, definitely! We just recommended them to someone earlier today. He was staying with us but was heading on to Germany and said he’d look for some in Cologne.

A special feature of the kybun treadmill is that it simulates an uneven, soft, sand-like terrain. This is one element which I just can’t reproduce in training.

I’m convinced that my joints don’t work properly when I’m on a conventional treadmill. It’s both easy on the joints and supports balance. This is because the nerves in the feet are activated more than in a conventional shoe, on a conventional treadmill or on a normal terrain.

You always think that you have to train your legs but for me, that’s less important. I train my legs anyway as I move around a lot. Here, I train my core and focus more on my upper arms and hands. Swinging your arms is at least just as important as the correct leg rhythm. Swinging your arms essentially ensures balance and stimulates your core. If you don’t get this right, then you aren’t training correctly.

You simply have to try these shoes on and you’ll understand why. The shoes are so soft and don’t cause any foot, knee or back pain. They are simply the best I’ve ever had and it’s been an incredible discovery.

You experience less fatigue and you don’t feel any pain if you’re of an age where this is likely. My knees have always been a problem. I’ve had keyhole surgery once on my left knee and twice on my right. You just don’t want it to get worse. These shoes allow you to get back on your feet. You can really enjoy your life again. You notice they strengthen your muscles. Your muscles help to hold everything around your knee in place. It’s just fantastic.

I definitely have a sense of cushioning. When you’re pregnant, you really do have the feeling that everything is becoming soft and expanding and the kybun shoe really does offer cushioning for when you’re walking and standing. I never have swollen legs or feet. I feel fit. Now, I feel secure when I know that I’ll be walking a long distance by foot. I know that I’ll be able to do it.

I could walk normally again from the first day onwards. It feels completely normal to walk again, and that’s what’s most important to me. I need to be able to move around freely, and I’ve been able to do so since the very first day. I was so excited to get started, and I’m still absolutely delighted. You can do it all from the very first day.

This shoe has a great grip – I was surprised to see that. I’ve worn my kybun hiking shoes at a ski resort, too. It was great. They’re also great in here, since I often stand in the same spots. The sole has an amazing grip to it.

It was a wonderful feeling. It felt so right. I marvelled at how comfortable it was. I immediately decided that I needed to have the shoe.

I had an operation on my inner knee joint in January 2014. I realised afterwards that walking in this shoe is extremely good for me. I no longer felt the impact of the ground. I felt like walking in the kybun shoe was very beneficial for my health after the operation.

The biggest argument in its favour is that it lets you walk in a way that’s easy on the joints. That doesn’t just apply for your knees, but also for your entire gait. It’s comfortable for your body to walk and stand like this. I feel great all around. You feel loose; this is a natural way of walking. You always have good traction, no matter what you’re walking on. You just feel great.

When I think about it the shoe is definitely worth the price. Other, less expensive shoes wear out after a year and, anyways, are not as comfortable to walk in. I believe that this shoe is worth the price ecause you can wear it for such a long time.

Hello, my name is Susanne Bogedaly. I have been suffering from chronic plantar fasciitis in both of my feet as well as a heel spur in my left foot for about a year and a half. I tried just about everything I could, including all conventional therapy methods. The doctors said there was virtually nothing left for them to try. I tried using insoles and sensorimotor insoles, took pain medication and underwent shockwave therapy. In the end, I was under so much psychological strain, and nothing had helped. In my desperation, I decided to try one last thing. I came across the kybun shoe on the Internet and tried on a pair. I did some research and opted for this model. I am very impressed. It was my last hope, and it has enabled me to walk comfortably, like I’m walking on air, just the way it was described in the advertisement. It is perfect for me, because I’m a nursery teacher and need to be on my feet every day. I am standing for many hours every day, so I wear the shoes at work and also wear them as slippers at home. I have already place an order for the next model, which is the Arosa model. This is a black lace-up boot that comes up to here. It looks very elegant. I want to encourage everyone who is suffering a similar fate as I was and is in despair to simply try it out! It really is worth it. I am very impressed. I can walk again comfortably and almost without any pain. I will stick with the kybun shoe. I am very happy with it. I wish everyone the best and urge them not to give up!

When you stay standing for a long time, for example, it stops your feet from heating up. It feels really great, like walking on clouds.

I’ve noticed that I am steadier on my feet. I can walk better on different surfaces and above all else, my back is much better. I can stand up straight again and move more steadily. The shoes have improved my entire back and obviously my back muscles as well. I would say now that it’s OK again.

I felt very safe wearing these shoes. They had a very steady grip on the rocks, even when I was going downhill, allowing me to descend without slipping at all.

That is an indescribable experience. It feels as though you are weightless. So fine and soft. It really feels as if you’re not wearing anything on your feet, the way a shoe should be.

The shoes are relatively expensive, but they are absolutely worth the money. Considering the quality of the shoes and their ability to help you walk, they are absolutely worth the money.

I had both my legs amputated at the thigh 25 years ago, and two years ago I had the latest high-tech prosthetics fitted. I’d hoped to be able to finally walk better with them but sadly this wasn’t the case and I was left disappointed. Despite the modern technology, which cost me €90,000, I still couldn’t walk on cobblestones.  But then I found the kybun shoes online. At first I was unsure about the soft sole of the kybun shoes but I discovered a completely new feeling after walking just a few steps. I felt like I could feel every millimetre of the ground. It was incredible that the prosthetic foot unexpectedly began to work and the kybun shoes perfected the entire roll-off phase of the foot. Getting up from a chair or out of the car has also proven to be much easier. I don’t slip on wet surfaces or snow anymore thanks to the kybun shoes.  I already have four pairs of kybun shoes now and cobblestones are no longer a problem! Jürgen Zeller is now a freelance consultant for kybun AG in southern Germany, acting as an expert adviser to other affected individuals. For more information, visit us at

I have been a huge fan of the kybun shoe for six years! As a pharmacist, I need to spend the majority of my time at work standing on my feet. Fortunately, the kybun shoe allows me to do this without feeling any pain in my feet and keeps me from having tired legs even after a challenging day! 

My wife purchased kybun shoe (Bern) a few weeks ago and LOVES them! She was suffering a lot of pain in her feet related to a knee replacement some time ago and says she is enjoying a lot of relief. Now her co-workers want a pair!

The kybun shoe takes a bit of getting used to at first, but after that it is the ideal shoe for walking on the sunny side of life.

I’ve spent 30 years working in retail while wearing shoes that were stylish but far too uncomfortable. This has unfortunately taken its toll on my legs. I was suffering from Morton’s neuroma, a bunion, pain in my knees and lumbar spine, and on top of that, I fractured my femoral neck last summer after having an accident. It was virtually impossible for me to walk or stand without feeling pain, even when wearing flat shoes with insoles. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended the kybun shoes to me. She had been wearing a pair for a while herself, and was familiar with how the shoe’s enormous benefits. Purchasing a pair was definitely worth it for me as well. The comfortable air-cushioned insole makes walking a genuine pleasure – like you are walking on cotton. I also find the shoe very stylish, and people often come up to me to give their compliments. It was quite hard for me to choose just one pair from the large selection of models available – I’m sure this won’t be the last pair that I will buy. 
After 18 full marathons and several half ones, I recently had to quit running because of pain in the lower back and the legs. The medical diagnosis was Spinal Stenosis. But I never stopped moving. Thanks to the combination of kybun shoes and Pilates, I am able to make long walking-tours and hiking in the wonderful Finnish nature.
kybun shoes ideally combine three important factors of healthy and pleasant walking in shoes – the springiness of every step, comfort – thanks to the perfect shape and spaciousness of the shoe – and easy lower extremities workout and exercise just through regular walking, thanks to the principle of the unstable underfoot. Engaging maximum muscles of lower extremities as well as the torso automatically leads to their strengthening. Involving all muscles in regular walking also results in significant performance boost of the “muscle pump”, which has a wholesome effect on the venous and lymphatic system of lower extremities. Walking in these shoes therefore relieves chronic back and joint pain, is beneficial for overstrained tendons and ligaments and last but not least it can reduce tension and pressure in calves. The main use of kybun shoes is for me walking on hard surfaces – walking to work in the city, intensive city tourism (excursion tours, etc.). But you will greatly benefit from them in lighter terrain as well. Put on the kybun shoes and your feet will be grateful to you!! On top of that, they are just comfy to walk in…
Since 2016 I have taken 11'606'690 steps on the elastic cushion sole of the kybun shoe. With each of my shoes, I took an average of 3.8 million steps.

I experienced severe pain and swelling in my foot during the summer. It was so bad that I could no longer walk. It was just a few days before my holiday, so I was really in a bind. I quickly put a cooling gel pack in my kybun sandals. After three days, I was so much better that I was able to walk short distances without any pain. My holiday wasn’t a disaster, and it’s all thanks to my kybun shoes. I was able to go everywhere I wanted and experienced virtually no pain. What’s more, I’ve noticed that after wearing kybun shoes for a couple of months, my gait is now much more stable and my leg muscles are much stronger. I’m so grateful for these wonderful shoes. I highly recommend them.

My husband has a pair of kybun shoes and I was quite jealous of him because they were so comfortable, particularly the footbed. I often wear kybun shoes. When I developed hip problems, I was only barely able to walk a few hundred metres to the supermarket. That all changed when I got these shoes. Now I can go walking again.
I’m always on the lookout for comfortable shoes and that’s how I discovered the kybun shoe. I’m a teacher and I have to stand a lot in my job, and I was beginning to feel the effects in my back, knees and feet. Walking in kybun shoes is very comfortable and pleasant. It’s like a holiday for my feet!
I suffer from lymphoedema in my right leg and foot as well as back problems. Ever since I started wearing the kybun shoe, my back pain has reduced dramatically, and I’ve experienced fewer problems with my leg as well. I’ve noticed that walking has become more of an exercise, but without being uncomfortable. Quite the opposite, in fact: I feel like I’m walking on clouds.  Mr Zeller provided excellent advice and support, and showed himself to be a true expert. He was able to provide many helpful tips for my specific problems, and I benefitted from his advice immensely. Getting to test out the shoes for a few days at the beginning was priceless, of course.
Wearing the kybun shoe makes it feel a lot more natural to walk with a prosthetic. It’s gentler on my back, too. It’s especially easier for me to walk down stairs when I’m wearing the kybun shoe. Mr Zeller provided us with fantastic advice – he did an excellent job of answering all of my questions. I would definitely order these shoes again, anytime.
These shoes has given me totally new experience of walking. Every step is flexible no matter what surface I'm walking on. Comfort usability has worked as well in slush and icy streets as in -30 degrees. Shoes are not sweaty and I can keep my feet incredibly warm when shoes are used with thin wool sock. Absolutely fabulous shoes!
kybun shoes facilitate active, healthy movement in everyday life. Whether you are walking or standing, it trains your deep inner muscles, protects your joints and strengthens your muscles. It also relaxes the spine, activates the blood circulation and reduces fatigue.

I’ve been wearing kybun shoes for a couple of weeks now and I am so impressed by these shoes! I wear them both indoors and outdoors. Seven years after my amputation, I have finally found a shoe that comes close to restoring the quality of life I had before. They are lightweight shoes and you don’t feel them on your feet, so it’s like walking barefoot. My back is more relaxed and is no longer painful. The anti-slip sole also makes them really secure. Sure, the price isn’t exactly enticing. But what’s important is that the shoe makes a positive difference, so it’s worth spending a bit more.

kybun shoes are the best shoes in the world, and they give me a new quality of life. I am not an amputee, but I had extreme difficulties moving around because I suffer with extremely severe nerve pain. What’s more, the unbalanced strain led to my left foot developing flatfoot and pes valgus deformity. As a result, the inside of my ankle protrudes significantly. It was no longer possible to walk normally. I also had numb toes and paraesthesia in both feet. HAD...
I have been wearing kybun shoes for two months and there have been some changes. I am experiencing significantly less pain and I can generally walk swiftly and without limping. There have been substantial improvements to the paraesthesia and the numbness in my toes. I can now feel what is beneath my feet again – stones, the floor, the folds in my socks. Most nights, I am not in any pain.
If I take the shoes off, however, things become somewhat more problematic.
But I am hopeful that there will be improvements here, too. Thank you so much, Jürgen! Your tremendous
commitment will ensure that lots more people will find out
about the kybun shoe and will hopefully be inspired to try wearing these shoes.
Fantastic stuff! How did I find out about the kybun shoe? Jürgen posted a link to his page in our Facebook group. It made me curious. Why? My left leg is amputated above the knee and my right ankle is damaged, so I am regularly in pain. I wondered whether these shoes could mitigate the problem. We started an e-mail conversation and Jürgen immediately offered to provide me with a pair of test shoes. After 14 days, I was won over and I ordered a pair. What was it that convinced me? It’s like walking on a cloud. In my Salo shoes, every stride feels stiff like a goose step. By contrast, the kybun shoes soften my steps and the foot rollover is very comfortable. They also make it easier to climb stairs step-over-step. My footsteps are quieter – now I can sneak up on people! Walking on pavements also feels much better. So those are my first impressions after a couple of weeks of wearing the shoes. Sure, they aren’t exactly cheap. But the shoes are making a positive difference. Which is why I am convinced that buying them was a good decision. I would recommend these kybun shoes wholeheartedly. Thank you so much, Jürgen! Your tremendous commitment will ensure that lots more people will find out about the kybun shoe and will hopefully be inspired to try wearing these shoes.
I am 71 and my left leg was recently amputated above the knee. I stumbled upon kybun shoe online and I learned all about it from Mr Zeller over the phone. Two days later, a pair of kybun test shoes was delivered to my house. I was allowed to try them at home for two days and then keep them or send them back. After wearing and walking in the kybun shoes for three minutes, I picked up the phone and bought the shoes! I have never had shoes that are so soft, fit so well and look so fashionable! I have now been wearing them all day every day for 14 days and they are great. I now walk a lot more than I did in my old shoes! Five days ago, my wife ordered some kybun sandals from Mr Zeller and she only takes them off when she gets into bed! She is absolutely thrilled with the sandals. I would readily recommend kybun shoes! Thank you so much, Mr Zeller!
I had the opportunity to test the kybun shoe for a couple of days, and when I was walking in it, I felt like I was floating on clouds. It was easy to walk in it, and I was able to move about quickly, even though I’m fairly short! Once I have moved house, I will be ordering a pair of kybun shoes. To wear the kybun shoe is to have a footwear experience!
My experiences with kybun shoes have been overwhelmingly positive. Shortly after my amputation, I met Jürgen Zeller at an appointment with my orthopaedic technician. It was through Jürgen that I received my first pair of kybun shoes. My right leg was also experiencing adverse effects from the accident, so I was thrilled with the kybun shoes from the very beginning. I have tried all sorts of expensive sports shoes, but none of them have come anywhere close to equalling the kybun shoes! kybun shoes soften the heel impact and make me feel secure. I can walk for a long time without my leg hurting and without the sole of my remaining foot getting sore. And with kybun shoe, I don’t need to worry about slipping when it’s damp or wet underfoot. With all other types of shoe, after a very short time my remaining foot starts hurting and the sole of my foot gets sore. With other shoes, I also feel much less secure when walking. I don’t find the kybun shoes to be unstable at all. These shoes help me in all kinds of situations and make me feel secure. Perhaps to begin with, it might feel slightly strange because you have to compensate a little. But I quickly noticed that these shoes help me to walk. I think that kybun shoes are the perfect footwear, especially for people who are starting to learn to walk with a prosthesis, because they help so much with walking.
Hello Jürgen! As promised, tomorrow I will reluctantly send the test shoes back to you. Although I am still not an active walker, even on my short walks I noticed a huge difference between my shoes and the kybun shoes. The way I stand is very different and the shoes even make it easier to stand up. I’m impressed! Honestly, I swear on kybun shoe. I would never have believed the shoes could make walking feel so secure and comfortable. Recently, my kybun shoes got wet and I had to switch to normal shoes. Nothing seemed to work anymore and I was walking like a stiff puppet. I never want that to happen again!
Wearing kybun shoes trains your body in a fundamental way in your daily life without you even noticing. It improves your posture, helps you keep upright when you walk, trains your pelvic floor muscles and allows you to exude confidence with your body.
The workload in the medical profession is high, and we are constantly on our feet. That is why I decided to wear the kybun Swiss air-cushion shoe to work. It relieves my joints and enables me to spend more time on my feet without making me feel tired or uncomfortable.  Thanks to the special soles, it feels like I am walking on air!
After taking just a few steps in the kybun shoe, my initial scepticism completely vanished. Walking in this shoe feels like striding across a mossy forest floor. I knew right away that I had to have it! It was love at first sight – or rather, love at first step!
I visited the Melbourne stockist in early July with NO intention of buying, just seeing what they had and trying them on. Yes, I walked out with my first pair. As soon as you walk around in them you can feel yourself standing differently. A co-worker who sees me at work every day told me I was walking as if I was twenty years younger – and without dobbing that person in, they are qualified to make that assessment. Original blogpost:
The benefits, if these shoes suit you, are worth every cent. Everything we do – controlling our weight, increasing our movement & exercise (re-conditioning our bodies), reducing stress in our lives – all contribute to us managing our conditions and improving our quality of life. If a shoe helps us experience less pain or be able to move for longer before we experience the change (onset of pain), then we are going to be better off. Not only will we experience less pain, but we will re-condition faster than we might otherwise have done which in turn will help us manage our pain. Original blogpost:
I can still walk upright with support from the kybun shoe. Yesterday, I was walking with my brother-in-law around the Lenzerheide mountain resort in Switzerland. We went from the Rothorn middle station to the waterfall and from there back down to Lenzerheide over many different terrains. It was an exhausting hike. I was perfectly equipped with my kybun hiking boot in orange. It really cushions every step. I am 72 years old, and I have had several serious accidents since 2011. That is why I am doubly grateful that you have produced such fantastic Swiss-made shoes! This is also important for me! Stay true to your culture. I will recommend your products to everyone.
The kybun shoe is still important to my life as a professional athlete. I mainly wear it day-to-day, that is, between my training sessions when I am walking around my flat or if I know that I will have to stand somewhere for a long time. I have definitely noticed than my foot muscles have become a lot stronger on both sides. The shoe is just so comfy to wear; it is almost like walking around on cloud when I wear my kybun shoes. I would like to say a huge thank you to kybun for the amazing support and for all their help! I can wholeheartedly recommend the kybun shoe to anyone, no matter whether you are an athlete or just want an everyday shoe. You will definitely notice the difference!
Whether I’m at work or at home, the kybun shoe is the perfect shoe for long walks or long periods of time standing on hard surfaces, thanks to its springy, elastic sole. Thanks to this shoe, my legs don’t feel heavy, and my posture has improved. That lets me actively prevent potential joint pain. “Whether I’m at work or at home, the kybun shoe is the perfect shoe for long walks or long periods of time standing on hard surfaces, thanks to its springy, elastic sole. Thanks to this shoe, my legs don’t feel heavy, and my posture has improved. That lets me actively prevent potential joint pain.”
Volunteer drivers at the Swiss Red Cross from the region of Rorschach and Rheintal, Canton of St. Gallen, went on a trip to visit the kybun World. They learned how springy and shock-absorbent the shoe is by wearing it, and were deeply impressed. This was topped off by how astonished they were when they changed back into their normal shoes. The experience tour was fascinating, informative and very entertaining. Thank you for offering us such a polished and illuminating tour. It’s a nice excursion for groups to go on, because you can experience the shoe first-hand.

Walking with pain used to be part of my daily lifestyle. I suffered heavily from lower back aches and sore heels, not to mention my feet would constantly feel extremely hot after long hours of standing. It was not until I saw a small advertisement which had three simple words, "Walk-on-air",kybun shoe. After that everything changed. That very night, the internet supplied me all I needed to know about kybun and before I knew it , I was ordering my first pair of kybun shoe. Only I ordered the wrong size! Images of horrific online shopping stories started swirling in my head, as I begun the dreadful customer service phone procedure, only to be greeted by a wonderful lady. She cheerily greeted me, and after I explained my terribly awkward mishap, promptly gave me perfect advise for shoe sizing and settled the ordering purchase immediately. Now I wont lie, I love walking on air. Experiencing the first moments of putting on my kybun shoes felt like relearning how to walk again. This time, pain free. It was enjoyably hysterical when I took my first few steps as my ankles had to read just to the softness of the floor bed. Once I got the hang of it, I noticed immediately that the pain on my lower back was alleviated. It occurred to me that a lot of pressure that was initially borne by my back was now transferred away and that my body was more relaxed during my normal walking form. The heat from my foot soles seemed to develop much more slowly, and generally walking has now become a pain free experience. Thank you kybun for giving me the gift of enjoyable walking, and for being a company that not only is proud of its shoes, but has a service family that sincere, heartfelt and seriously amazing. I cant begin to thank you guys enough!

 Walking in such a soft shoe gives you a special feeling, and it’s also fun and good for your body.

I hesitated for a long time before buying a pair of air-cushioned kybun shoes. I usually wear elegant leather shoes. The gentle way you walk in the kybun shoe is amazing. I even take three and four-hour hikes and don’t feel any pain in my back, hips, knees or feet. They are fantastic shoes. Congratulations.

I bought my second and third pairs of kybun shoes last week and I’m very satisfied. The new styles are much bolder in terms of design. They’re less conservative and boring than the first lines ;-) They’re a pleasure to walk in! I really like that they are mostly made in Switzerland and I hope the employees are receiving a fair wage. I don’t have that much money, but I’m happy to spend what I have on goods produced fairly that will last a long time if treated carefully. I would like to thank you for this ingenious invention! 

Very pleasant to walk with, like walking on clouds. I’ve had them for a year now and they´re still in super condition. Before, when I had normal shoes, even good training shoes, my feet used to hurt terribly when I got home from a normal 12hr working day. But not anymore. It is certainly a big difference.

No other shoe like this! My job requires me to work on my feet all day. Two years ago my metatarsal arch dropped. The pain was unbearable at first but with orthotics I was able to work and have worn them ever since. Now the pain is back and the orthotic is bothering me…my physiotherapist believes my foot muscles have become weak (probably from the orthotic) and indeed, when I'm able to exercise the foot, the pain relief is very apparent. In the meantime I need a soft soled shoe to keep me on my feet. The kybun shoes are not only the softest shoes I've ever worn, but they will help strengthen my feet as well! How perfect is that? I have worked my current job for 32 years and am eligible for early retirement in a few more years, but I didn't think I'd be able to make it. I had actually started looking for another line of work, and preparing to give up all the seniority and benefits I currently enjoy (including early retirement!). Now I won't have to do that. I'm so glad I found these shoes, they are amazing, like nothing else I've ever worn! And I just have to add, after wearing the shoes for the last two weeks at work. My feet actually feel better after five days of work, than they do after my two days off without them!
I can't wait until I can afford to buy another pair for wearing around the house, can't live without them now 

I boght them after trying in standing and walking because it felt like I was flying. Yes indeed after wearing them for almost 4 months. I feel like I am flying not walking!!!

These are the most comfortable and supportive shoes I have ever worn. As a somatic psychologist, I am well aware of the importance of having your feet support the rest of your body. The kybun shoes provide great support for my lumbar spine. I am 72 years old and play a lot of golf, so every once in a while my back is sore. All I have to do is take a walk in my kybun shoe and my back feels completely relieved. Moreover, they make me feel as if I am walking on air. In the past the first thing I did when I came home from the office is to remove my shoes. Now, I am reluctant to take them off; they are more comfortable than my slippers. So for comfort and support, I can no longer wear any other shoes. My second pair will be arriving soon, and I am already thinking about my third pair. They are worth every penny.

I often suffered from pain under my right shoulder. I would say after maybe one hour of practising. I tried everything. Gymnastics, physiotherapy, relaxation exercises while practising and afterwards too. All of this still led to unsatisfactory results. But since I’ve been practising on the kyBounder, I always stand on it and then get off and walk around a little bit. I don’t suffer from the pain any more. It’s incredible.

Walking is quite hard in normal trainers. With kyBoots, it’s like walking on a soft mat, even with a heavy instrument. They’re incredibly comfortable.

I feel very safe in these shoes. They’re also comfortable because they’re light. Walking in these shoes is a bit like walking barefoot. I can feel exactly where my foot is placed on the ladder and that makes me feel safe.


Especially in my wife’s business. They couldn’t understand why I raved about them so much. As hairdressers, they spend a lot of time on their feet, so I told them about kybun. I wasn’t able to convince them to try them out, but that’s not to say they won’t in the future!


It was an experiment and we had no scientific proof that it would work. We were surprised to discover that it could improve neurological movement disorders, including MS and Parkinson’s disease. Of course, we also have patients with paralysis caused by a stroke, for example. We let them walk on the soft, springy kybun mat. We saw a clinical improvement in the situation. For example, this means that all of a sudden, patients with Parkinson’s disease require less medication or even none at all. They also no longer experience tremors. We’ve also noticed an improvement in MS patients, but we have definitely seen the greatest improvement in patients with Parkinson’s disease. However, mobility has also improved for patients with paralysis. It is actually a mystery to us how these improvements came about. We just don’t know. We can only assume that the stimulation caused by spatial awareness and in the lower extremities stimulates brain tissue. Certain interactions that were disconnected are suddenly open again. This is typical in Parkinson’s disease. We are continuing our research in this area in order to be able to confirm this with other patients with Parkinson’s disease. We were very surprised that it has an effect and of course, we’re delighted that it’s possible to help these patients.


I think it’s wonderful. It feels like I’m walking on a bed of moss. I’m very happy with these shoes.

Since I got these kyBoot shoes, I know that they are the answer. They would be the last thing I would part with.

Our hiking group often stood round my wife and me admiring the shoes, particularly because of how the sole adapted so well to the surface and how well we were able to walk. They could hardly believe I had a knee operation in January.

They absorb the impact of your foot very well and there’s no shock to the knees. The shoes are really good for my knee when walking both uphill and downhill.

I’m a big fan of these kybun shoes. I’ve suffered from arthritis in my right ankle joint for many years. I’m always on the lookout for good shoes and I’ve been wearing kybun shoes for four years, so I’m a huge fan. I recently tried out the hiking shoes. I’ve been walking in them every day for the past two days. I’ve had no pain at all and am absolutely delighted. Being able to hike without any pain in such a beautiful place is just incredible.

This is my first time getting out in my kyBoot shoes. I’ve already done a two-and-a-half-hour hike. I feel like I’m walking on moss. It’s fantastic. I have knock knees and haven’t had any problems without insoles. I’m absolutely delighted.

Michele, you recently started wearing new shoes, kyBoot shoes in fact. What kinds of problems had you previously been having with your feet? I was almost completely unable to walk. I was in severe pain, but I must say it’s been a dream since I started wearing these kyBoot shoes. I can move around normally again and even jump up and down. Of course, you have to get used to them. What kind of a problem did you have?Splayfeet. How long have you been wearing the shoes? I’ve been wearing them for a good three months. I have to say, they are really superb. Are you pain-free now? Yes, I don’t have any pain during the day. When I walk around barefoot in the evenings, my problems come back to haunt me.

I’ve already noticed an improvement when I’m out jogging after wearing kyBoot shoes for just one week. I’ve always had knee pain when I was jogging and always had to wear a bandage. After wearing kybun shoes for a week, I noticed that my knee wasn’t causing me any pain anymore. It’s great!

I never would have thought this much was possible from a shoe alone. Who would have thought that you could improve your entire quality of life thanks to a shoe alone and not have to do anything other than just put on your shoes like everyone else and start walking. As I said, it comes close to a miracle for me.

I feel like my posture is more upright when I wear these shoes. I can feel the small, delicate muscles becoming stronger. Compared to before, my muscles now react much quicker when I move. They’re must stronger thanks to the shoes.

I'm happy when I can change my shoes. I had to strut around in high heels on the gravel, and on top of that I had stones in my shoes. I'm glad I can put my kyBoot shoes back on.

I have arthritis in one knee, and these shoes make an incredible difference. When I walk on hard surfaces for a long time wearing regular shoes, I feel pain after just ten minutes.

At first it felt spongy, though in a pleasant way. The shoes are soft but not wobbly. I find the air circulation around my feet very pleasant. It means I don't sweat. I don't always feel as at ease in rubber soles. I could never go round all day in trainers, even though they have a cushioning effect. But in these shoes it's not a problem.

My lower legs got more mobile. My little toe is not inflamed any more. I also felt a difference in my neck. At first it was very tense, until I realised that it had something to do with the shoes; they were massaging me. It feels totally different when you walk. It's much harder in the shoes with insoles. In the kyBoot you float as you walk. Your whole body is involved.

For me, walking in kyBoot shoes is like walking on a sandy beach. The shoes are soft, but not completely. They're simply comfortable.

To me, it was like walking on clouds. Nice and soft. But after about a quarter of an hour I started to feel quite dizzy. At first I just did a little exercise at a time. So that it wouldn't be too much for me at first, as it was a challenge in terms of balance, too.

It feels to me like walking on cotton wool. If at any time you don't have the shoes on, you miss the feeling and it's like walking on stones. It's completely unpleasant. I wouldn't want to give them up any more.

At first it was difficult to break in the shoes. I could only walk in the shoes for 5 minutes a day and now, after 4–6 months, I can walk in the shoes for over a day. When I walk, my legs don't feel heavy any more. In the evening I lie in bed and my back is relaxed. I no longer have to tense myself for 10 minutes until it relaxes.

If the horse really pulls, then you have no chance in normal shoes. It's ideal for standing, and no problem going downhill on stony paths. I'm satisfied.

A very airy feeling. I feel like I'm floating or flying. I've felt much better since getting these shoes. I can get out and about and walk round a lot. My feet don't hurt any more; instead I feel as if I could spend another five hours on my feet.

The sole is excellent: it's very resistant, even against chemicals. No damage at all. The kyBoot has a fine tread, which is more of an advantage to us, as the sole is soft and adapts to every bump.

Tyres are to cars as shoes are to people. It's your only contact with the ground. With tyres, that plays less of a role as you can change the parts in a car. You can do the same with people, too, but it's problematic, so it's very important for people to wear good, soft shoes. This is something I found out for myself, too.

I've got a mat at home, for my high desk. Sometimes at work. Then you can stand for longer, definitely. Once you've had a while to get used to it. It's like exercise, when you've used your muscles for a long time. If you just exercise every now and then, you tend to get tired faster. Your muscles ache or you feel it in your calves. But otherwise, I think the mat can have a supportive effect. You can stand more comfortably and for longer.

I think it's a good product. It's nice and soft, flexible, and I can stand in the shoes much longer. I'm used to it already from work; I wear the shoes there too, and stand on the mat.

I have the feeling that it loosens you up a bit generally. Because you are really standing in a nice loose position, you automatically have a different posture. So you can't tense up at all.

I've already had two slipped discs. And on top of that I have trouble with my knees: I have split kneecaps, which actually isn't that unusual. Lots of people round the world have them. But it has given me a lot of gyp. I used to work in an opera house, and that was physical work. That's why I was forced to give up that job to go back into education or retrain to return to my old job. Since then, I've managed a couple of months without pain. That is, I still get exercise. I strengthen my stomach and back muscles. At first I was quite sceptical about kybun shoes, as I didn't like the way they looked. But I told myself that if they might be of benefit, I should at least try them out. Now I never want to be without them again. The feeling I have when I walk and my general wellbeing are quite different.

I'd never worn shoes like this before; I'd never heard of them. The first time I wore kybun shoes, it was extremely tough for me to stand in the shoes while singing. I needed a moment off to stand on the hard ground. The next day my calf muscles ached. But it kept getting better over time. I got used to it more and the shoes got softer. Now it feels really pleasant singing on that surface. You bounce about a bit,  which is very pleasant.

It's not jarring to walk any more. With normal shoes there are always jolts as you walk. In these it's now like on the clouds.

Since I started wearing kyBoot shoes, I've never had any pain in my feet, even after rushing around for 10 hours. They cushion you and level things out; my feet feel like they're permanently in a bubble bath.

I've worn kyBoot shoes for years and am very satisfied, as they are so comfortable. Today I've brought my husband along so that he can try out the shoes, too.

The kyBoot shoes are much more comfortable than my current shoes. To make sure I don't run the risk of putting on my old shoes, I've decided to leave them here straight away.

I'm especially looking forward to all the Encounters and the various events. I'm particularly pleased about these cool shoes. I got them to try out, and they have incredibly soft soles.

It's a very special feeling. You feel very light,almost floating. Compared with the normal walking shoes I usually wear to walk this route, I haven't a single complaint. People just look at me a bit oddly, but otherwise it's tip-top. I've already walked a few kilometres in kybun shoes, including uphill walks. They are extremely comfortable shoes.

When you're still young, it's easy to think that you don't need this kind of shoes. ..Maybe later, when I'm older... Now I'm happy that I bought a pair of kyBoot shoes at the trade show. I was able to try the shoes out there first. Now I'm not sorry about the outlay any more.

In 1998 I had a serious motorbike accident. Everything was shattered from the knee down. First they wanted to amputate my leg, but then, fortunately, for me, the doctors managed to save it. From then on I was in pain every day. I looked into ways to soothe the pain, and that's how I came across the kybun shoe.

Walking was lovely, really pleasant. It felt so soft, like on a gym mat. Until then I'd never come across a shoe with a feeling like that. At first I felt the muscles in my legs, but I found it much easier to walk than before. It was pleasant, and much more fun again.

They're soft and comfortable. I've even got on the walking boots; I'm trying them out for the first time. I was allowed to test some work shoes for 14 days. They're very good for walking. At first my feet were a little sore, and I had a painful spot in my right foot from an inflammation: that hasn't gone away yet. But they're very pleasant to walk in.

I've had a pair of kybun shoes for two years now. They saved my life, as the balls of my feet used to be really sore. We used to have to walk long distances on stony ground, and nothing helped at all. I bought some insoles for 400 CHF, but they didn't do a thing. But these shoes saved me.

When I wear kybun shoes, it's like floating. I can get my balance. It feels like on a trampoline. I'm constantly cushioned. It's important to get the right balance in life, too: looks, quality, wellbeing and stimulation.

It was a new experience for me. When they say, “walking on air”, that actually describes the sensation. Walking light as a feather really is wonderful.
The shoes' soft sole make standing far more pleasant. It's a real relief to me. At first I couldn't really get my grip in these shoes, but that changed over time. It felt as if the shoes got a little firmer. I'm here now to have my stance tested on the pressure meter, as I have the feeling that I'm not standing properly in my shoes. 
Great, like on clouds. Like on clouds. It's a totally new Feeling to me.
The most important thing to me is the soft feeling as you walk. I have very sensitive feet, but Walking in these shoes is wonderful.
It's like walking on air, and it's great.
You're cushioned, like you're walking on air. You can't simply come to a standstill; you always have to keep moving.
I feel like I'm on clouds. I mean, it's very comfortable and I feel lighter.
They give, and they're airy. It's like walking on clouds. That's what you always hear.
It's really comfortable. Like on a cushion.
I had back pain, and on top of that my left leg is 2.5 cm too short. I'd tried almost everything. It's a congenital defect. At first I wore MBT shoes. I thought they were the best there is, but I couldn't walk in them. Even the specialists said I couldn't walk in them. I looked a bit further afield and came across the kyBoot. Thanks to someone working at the chemist's, ho let me take the shoes home straight away, I was able to try the shoes out. I wasn't convinced immediately; it felt strange and they "wobbled about” a bit. She actually said that my muscles might ache, but I didn't get that during the trial period, only later. After I'd got over the whole thing, I have to say that they're really great. No more cold feet. We already have three pairs and I'm getting another pair soon.

You can tell you aren't walking the same. That your body reacts differently, and it's simply pleasant walking in kybun shoes. 

The basis is in the sole of the shoes. They give you great exercise. And I feel like a child bouncing on a mattress, that's probably the best way to describe the feeling. After a long day at work spent Standing and walking, you can feel the difference.
At first you think it's really wobbly, but today I know that it somehow helps strengthen your muscles even better. And I really haven't had any Problems with my knee any more: nothing. It's very good.

Working as a sports doctor for the Canadian bob team gave me the chance to test out the kybun shoe in everyday use and during light sports activities. I was very impressed by the kybun shoe concept. Walking is very pleasant, and above all it very much activates the body. You can feel that the sole is a very good shock absorber and moves in all directions, but it never feels unstable or unpleasant. I myself suffer from foot problems, as I have very high arches, with the ball of the foot often having to bear a very heavy load. The shoe suited my foot shape and needs from the very start, and I have been able to wear shoes without insoles for the first time in many years.

I have a heel bruise on my left foot and torn ligaments on my right knee. I tried everything - anti inflammatory medication, anti inflammatory patches, crutches, knee pads, heel pads. They all helped a little. But nothing helped me as much as the kybun shoe. I have two pairs and they are the only shoes that I wear now. The leather model is particularly comfortable.

When I tried the kybun shoe for the first time I could not believe how comfortable these shoes were. After a few weeks of wearing them I knew they were not only comfortable but they really worked too! They relieved my backpain which is almost a constant companion of a professional athlete. I can't take them off my feet!

"I often have bad back pains, so I wear the kybun shoe whenever I can. I love the soft, supple shoe; it feels amazingly comfortable."

"I am 74 years old and a passionate pilgrim. I first wore the kybun shoe on my last 250-mile walk along the French Way. Walking was very pleasant and my knee pain was a thing of the past. I was especially surprised at how cushioned and agreeable it feels to walk on asphalt. I could feel the kybun shoe strengthening the muscles in my legs and feet. I now only ever wear my sandals or my kybun shoes."

"The kybun shoe means you can walk actively and healthily even on hard surfaces. The soft, unstable sole is kind on your joints, exercises your muscles, improves your balance and stimulates receptors in your feet. From a medical perspective I thus specially recommend the kybun shoe to patients with poor posture or knee problems."

They're very comfortable to walk in. They are so soft, but it is kind of natural, as you can still feel the ground beneath you.  Watch the video

It's simply like being on an air mattress. It's much softer and shocks are absorbed. I can walk around normally without having to put too much thought into taking the pressure off my knee to stop the pain. That means that – in these shoes – I can walk absolutely normally, and I have the feeling that I walk much more gently, and I don't have any pain any more.
 Watch the video

I am an event producer and while working I walk many hours during the day, from morning till afternoon. I wear my working clothes and at 5 pm I change into formal dress, so I look elegant. I haven’t found a pair of shoes that are comfortable, that I can wear and walk in up to 6 pm. By the time the event began I would be in pain: pains in my knees, in my back, I used pain killers, ointments and so on. The event had not started yet and I would be in tatters. Until I came across the ideal thing: kyBoot shoes. From the moment I put them on my body felt differently immediately, really, no kidding. There was a different feeling in my body. I felt less pains, until they disappeared completely, after the third or fourth time I walk in the shoes. I was not in pain. I started to produce my events in leisure, without pain killers or ointments. I recommend them to anyone, whatever the pain, they can help everyone.

I suffered with pains in my legs and knees. I work as a waitress and we do 8 hours shifts. I looked for shoes that could help me endure the entire shift. Then I discovered kyBoot and bought a pair. I adjusted to them very quickly, I had no problems.  I enjoy working in them; it feels like walking on pillows, or clouds… It's been a year and I use only them. I recommended to the chefs at the restaurant to buy them because they are very comfortable for standing and they do not slip in the kitchen, which is good for both, chefs and waiters. And that's it – it's wonderful.

I have problems with my ankles; the doctors recommended an operation or steroids injections. I feel that I can depend on these shoes. They have spared me both treatments. I feel the improvement every single day, I can go to work and know that I will return home in good condition. I can plan the evening and the day because the shoes do their "trick". I am responsible for the purchasing of more and more pairs, about 15 pairs. I estimate that 15 pairs of shoes were sold by my recommendation to people around me.

My work in the clinic involves a lot of movement: sitting, standing… Now I suddenly I have a shock absorber, which is very important; it helps me with my back pain. I really feel like I am walking on air. I have less back pain and fewer problems that I had on daily basis. I can gladly say that I have recommended the shoes to friends and also on my Facebook page and to my dentist friends, and as a teacher of agronomy an all that is connected with that field, I hope that my recommendation is considered a professional opinion.