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NEW: Kilchberg-Grey-Blue

Swiss wrestling is a national sport in Switzerland. [more]

Fall prevention: safer in everyday life with kybun

kybun models on the Nimbus sole performed convincingly in laboratory tests in...[more]

Kybun People - «Pain-free walking thanks to kybun shoes»

After a number of failed attempts at using orthopaedic shoes, Cornelia Heizmann...[more]

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A kybun strategy fit for «future generations»

We have utilized over 300 square metres of roof space at our headquarters to...[more]

Family Müller Takes Over Traditional Swiss Shoe Brand «Kandahar»

The traditional and exclusive shoe brand «Kandahar» has been acquired by the...[more]

Trendsetter Gottschalk digs the kybun shoe

Germany's TV entertainer Thomas Gottschalk knows how to get more out of a...[more]

Healthy exercise starts with the feet

In this interview with the TV broadcaster QS24, Karl Müller shows you how to...[more]

Karl Müller's talks about knee and hip surgery

Karl shares his views on this topical subject and why he believes surgery is...[more]

Karl Müller interview on QS24 TV

On the German channel QS24, Karl Müller talks about old age and why it doesn't...[more]

The kybunpark - Small in size but big in splendour

Secondary school leaver Jonas Gmür has recreated the kybunpark on a scale of...[more]

Entrepreneur Karl Müller retires as CEO of kybun

Karl Müller has taken one of the biggest steps of his 48-year entrepreneurial...[more]

Media from Qatar report

In December 2019 kybun visited Qatar.[more]

Primetime on Korean TV: Karl Müller's Health secret

A Korean television documentary with interesting and fun insights into the life...[more]

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