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New: kybun Tenero Grey

The Tenero Grey combines trendy grey tones with cheerful accents in pink.[more]

New: kybun Jona Black

The Jona Black appears in plain black, light-footed on the Cirrus sole. [more]

New: kybun Vernier Indigo

The Vernier Indigo delights with its cheerful and timeless colour and adds a...[more]

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Straine-On-Success — What Your Gait Can Tell Doctors

Gait, or how people walk, is increasingly viewed as an important indicator of...[more]

World of walk-on-air: Natural walking experience

kybun AG, based in Sennwald, Switzerland, has put together a special kind of...[more]

He flew high, fell deep, and landed on his feet

Karl Müller has had his share of ups and downs, both professionally and in his...[more]

Leading Swiss medical shoes, KyBoot, launched in Kuwait

Millennium Medical Group launched KyBoot, a leading Swiss based medical-shoe...[more]

A good omen for FC St. Gallen

Alex Tachie-Mensah played the position of striker for FC St. Gallen for many...[more]

Born to walk

Learn/relearn how to walk today! The editorial team of Gesundheits-Nachrichten...[more]

Hiking without any pain despite having knee, hip and back problems?

It sounds impossible, but many supporters swear by the kyBoot shoe, invented by...[more]


Plus 4 Easy Solutions That Work for Almost Any Budget[more]

kyBounder goes to school

Movement promotes quiet and concentration.[more]

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