Fall prevention: safer in everyday life with kybun


kybun models on the Nimbus sole performed convincingly in laboratory tests in the USA with excellent results. The test focused on slip resistance.

Under controlled laboratory conditions, kybun models with the Nimbus sole were recently tested in the USA for their slip-resistance on various floors, and their results are impressive. Around a third of people over 65 have a noticeably increased risk of falling, and one in two people over 70 has fallen at some point in their adult lives. Medical consequences can be more serious than the fall itself, so good fall prevention is very important to minimize the risks in daily life. Tips for preventing accidents:
  • Choose appropriate footwear outdoors as well as indoors
  • Always leave yourself enough time
  • Keep fit with strength, endurance and mobility training
  • From the age of 50, practice balancing in everyday situations
kybun slip resistance results