Ease painful vein problems, varicose veins and heavy legs with kybun

When you stand on the elastic springy kybun mat or in the kybun shoe, the calf muscles are constantly activated, pumping the venous blood upwards and relieving the veins. The pressure on the functioning veins is distributed better and the veins are less burdened. The constant muscle activity is activated by the vein-muscle pump on the soft-elastic kybun surface and your legs become less swollen and tired.

  • Improves blood circulation to the feet and the whole body
  • Relieves the veins in the leg by activating the foot and calf muscles
  • Standing and walking all day long puts an end to tired legs
  • Distributes the pressure load evenly over the whole foot
  • Trains the foot, leg, abdominal and back muscles
  • Keeps you healthy and fit with no extra time constraints
  • Enables more freedom of movement in the ankles

1. Varicose veins

Varicose veins are not only "blemishes" - they are swollen veins in which the venous valves become weak. Vein valves are particularly numerous in those veins in which the blood has to be transported against gravity (e.g. in the legs). Venous valves ensure that the blood flows efficiently towards the heart.

2. Venous disorders

Vein complaints can vary in severity. The transport of blood from the legs against gravity in the direction of the heart is made possible by the vein-muscle pump and the venous valves. As we move, the vein-muscle pump pushes the blood upwards. If the veins are damaged, they can no longer recover and this can cause varying levels of pain.

3. Heavy legs

Vein valves are particularly numerous in those veins in which the blood has to be transported against gravity, including the legs. Venous valves act like a valve and ensure that the blood flows towards the heart. In particular, long, sedentary activities at work, wearing tight clothing and lack of movement hinder this important vein activity.
Varicose veins, vein problems and tired legs can be counteracted by activating the foot motor by walking on elastic resilient materials such as the kybun sole. This activiates the muscle pump much more intensely and the venous blood is pumped more efficiently towards the heart.

What are the causes of varicose veins and heavy legs?

Walking and standing on hard, flat floors weakens the venous blood flow being pushed upwards and the weight of the blood damages the venous valves. When walking, the more active the ankle joint is, then the more the veins are compressed. If, however, you walk on flat floors in protective, regular shoes, the movement of the ankle joint is restricted and thus the activity of the muscle pump is also reduced. When standing on flat floors, the muscle pump is impaired. The weight of the blood pushes through the venous valves and varicose veins, spider veins or other painful venous disorders may develop. Thanks to sufficient movement and walking and standing in the kybun shoe or on the kybun mat, the vein-muscle pump is activated.

Vein activity with kybun

With kybun
  • Good blood flow
  • Relieves leg pressure
kybun Schuh
Relief of venous valves
prevents varicose veins
kybun shoe: Strong muscle activity

Vein activity with normal shoes

Without kybun
  • Poor blood flow
  • Heavy legs
kybun Schuh
Overloading of the venous valves
causes varicose veins
normal shoes: Weak muscle activity

Opinions/customer testimonials

Jiří Šedivý, M.D., head of the Department of Orthopedics, Jihlava Hospital, Czech Republic

Jiří Šedivý, M.D., head of the Department of Orthopedics, Jihlava Hospital, Czech Republic

kybun shoes ideally combine three important factors of healthy and pleasant walking in shoes – the springiness of every step, comfort – thanks to the perfect shape and spaciousness of the shoe – and easy lower extremities workout and exercise just through regular walking, thanks to the principle of the unstable underfoot. Engaging maximum muscles of lower extremities as well as the torso automatically leads to their strengthening. Involving all muscles in regular walking also results in significant performance boost of the “muscle pump”, which has a wholesome effect on the venous and lymphatic system of lower extremities. Walking in these shoes therefore relieves chronic back and joint pain, is beneficial for overstrained tendons and ligaments and last but not least it can reduce tension and pressure in calves. The main use of kybun shoes is for me walking on hard surfaces – walking to work in the city, intensive city tourism (excursion tours, etc.). But you will greatly benefit from them in lighter terrain as well. Put on the kybun shoes and your feet will be grateful to you!! On top of that, they are just comfy to walk in…

Erika Eggenberger, postal worker, Nassen, Switzerland

Erika Eggenberger, postal worker, Nassen, Switzerland

"Since June 2009 I have been wearing kybun shoes whenever possible in my job as a postal worker and all my spare time. I hardly have any back pain any more and my varicose veins are just a bad memory. I am delighted and no longer like to walk in any other shoes."

Why is kybun so unique?

Swiss made Heel cushioning Elastic & springy Perfect pressure distribution
Long-lasting PU material Trampoline effect & instability Washable cover

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