MBT inventor Karl Müller presents the kybun shoe, another first in the world of shoes

In 1996 the engineer Karl Müller invented the MBT shoe, revolutionising the shoe industry with its "rolling sole". Now, with the kybun's 'walk on air' principle, Müller is going a step further. What makes Karl Müller's latest shoe invention so unique?

From the rolling shoe to the 'walk on air'
The kybun's soft, supple sole was to have been the next MBT generation. However, as his partners preferred to remain with the round sole, in 2006 Karl Müller parted company with MBT on good terms. The result of this development was a new brand, the kybun shoe.

The kybun shoe compared with MBT
Learning an unaccustomed walking technique, as wearers did in the MBT, is a thing of the past. Today you slip on the kybun shoe and immediately experience the unique 'walking on air' feeling. "In the kybun shoe, you don't walk: you float. The 'walking on air' feeling is unique", explains Karl Müller. Every step momentarily launches you into weightlessness. The special feature is the soft, supple air cushion. You can immediately feel how well it absorbs shocks and adapts perfectly to your feet. Whether you are on a hike, a walk or a city break, kybun shoes are so comfortable to wear that you’ll never want to take them off.

In the following table Karl compares his shoe developments: the kybun shoe and MBT.

kybun shoeMBT
Year invented20061996
InventorKarl MüllerKarl Müller
Novelty factorWorld First: the 'walk-on-air' soleFirst rolling sole
Principle of soleAir cushionCrescent-shaped
FeelSoft, supple, pleasantRolling, see-saw
Special walking techniqueNo - simply wear and enjoyYes; unaccustomed
ComfortImmediately very comfortableOver time, yes
EffectVery good - incorrect gait impossible Very good if correct gait adopted
Older wearersSafe supportUnstable for many wearers
WeightLightOn the heavy side

kybun shoes make exercising fun
Dr med. Christian Sommer, a consultant for orthopaedic surgery, believes that the kybun shoe is the ideal training device for everyday life. It soothes the entire musculoskeletal system and relaxes the spine. Eight years after her accident, Erika Wissmann can effortlessly walk again – thanks to the kybun shoe, which is very comfortable to wear. Dr med. Markus Müller can decrease the dose of pain medication he prescribes to his patients with osteoarthritis in their legs thanks to the extraordinary absorption properties of the kybun shoe. Reto Scherrer, who works as a radio and television moderator, is also grateful for the great level of comfort the shoes have brought him. He can now comfortably stay on his feet for as long as ten hours each day.

Everyone can improve their health with kybun shoes – without it even costing them any time.

Function/medical use
Inside the kybun shoe, the wearer’s foot rests directly on a soft, elastic sole, which provides the foot with maximum freedom of movement. This elasticity and flexibility in all directions is excellent training for the musculature. kybun shoes protect joints and relieve tension. The kybun shoe is the perfect shoe for people who have foot problems such as bunions or heel spurs, since its soft, elastic material continuously and dynamically adapts to the shape of the sole of the foot.
The special sole also minimises the strain on the back and joints.

More customer testimonials from well-known figures and doctors.

Opinions/customer testimonials

Roger Stauffer, sings bass in the Gossau gospel choir, Switzerland

Roger Stauffer, sings bass in the Gossau gospel choir, Switzerland

I've known the kyBoot, and before that MBT, for quite a while, as I've known Karl Müller for many years. When I joined the choir, we had to dress up in white, so I went out looking for white shoes and found a pair of moccasins made for medical staff. But after the long concerts I always had hot, sore feet and my back hurt. I remembered the kyBoot and bought myself a white pair. Emanuel Sieber asked me what I needed the shoes for and whether I worked at the hospital. I explained that I needed the shoes for the choir, and that's how we got talking.

Event Guggerbach Old Folks' Center, Davos

Event Guggerbach Old Folks' Center, Davos

The biggest surprise is their softness. And they adapt perfectly to your feet. So far l'm delighted.

Thomas Schmid client consultation day Roggwil, Switzerland

Thomas Schmid client consultation day Roggwil, Switzerland

Would you recommend kyBoot shoes to others? Absolutely! I would even recommend them as an excellent product. In my case, I had actually just injured my knee in an accident. They helped me a lot at this time. How did you find out about the consultation day? I’m on the mailing list for the kybun newsletter, which is how I found out that this day was taking place here. Have you had any experience with the soft, springy kybun products? I had already worn MBT shoes before and was quite satisfied. I wore them a lot. I needed new ones so I started looking for a replacement and came across kyBoot. I’m very satisfied with them.