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kyBoot – The Swiss air-cushion shoe

There’s nothing more comfortable!
kyBoots give you a unique feeling of comfort as you walk that cannot be compared with any other shoe. Get the same wonderful feeling wearing your kyBoots that you do on the kyBounder.

‘Walk on air’ sole
In kyBoots you walk on a soft, supple air cushion. You feel light as a feather and have a tremendous sense of pleasure. You will be a convert from the first step, and every further step you take will persuade you more.

Foot sensor technology
The kyBoot has the first sole in the world to allow your feet to feel every detail of the ground. The receptors in your feet are gently stimulated, step by step. This world first is demonstrated to best advantage on gravel or cobbles.

Foot environment system
The honeycomb air structure of the kyBoot sole creates an air cushion between your foot and the ground, with one fifth of the volume of air being pumped into the foot area at every step. This creates the perfect shoe environment.

Benefits and effect
• kind to the joints, relaxes the back muscles
• exercises the muscles in your feet, legs and trunk
• burns off more calories
• activates blood flow in your legs
• stimulates receptors in your feet as they feel the floor surface

The kyBoot is relaxing, puts you in shape and is lots of fun.

Opinions/customer testimonials

Peter Stäger, Owner Cleaning Company, Gais, Switzerland

Peter Stäger, Owner Cleaning Company, Gais, Switzerland

I love wearing my kyBoot shoes, so I wear them almost daily. I always have them on at work. In my spare time I sometimes wear the sandals.

Udo Wiedenhöft from Germany

Udo Wiedenhöft from Germany

I too discovered the awesome kyBoot shoes – after years of searching for good shoes. I found them through Mr Jürgen Zeller. In 2009 I underwent a knee disarticulation on my right leg. Since then, I’ve been doing lots of sports, and I have to say that the kyBoot has been a real ASSET to my (Genium) prosthesis!

Armin Ziltener, Weesen am Walensee, Switzerland

Armin Ziltener, Weesen am Walensee, Switzerland

You can tell you aren't walking the same. That your body reacts differently, and it's simply pleasant walking in kyBoot shoes. 

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