Treadmill & Workstation with kybun springy elastic walking belt

Rediscover the joy of being active with the kybun treadmill

Exercise is the best medicine and a pre-requisite for a healthy life. Walking and running is the most natural form of exercise.

The rebound effect promotes reciprocal muscle tension and relaxation. This optimises the training effect for the leg, feet, back and core body muscles while improving balance and coordination. If you are on the move a lot every day or suffer from degenerative joint diseases, one of the best solutions around is the kybun treadmill. It is easy on your joints and trains your fine motor skills while improving your performance with every step you take.

kybun (DT1060 with motor)

kybun WALKOLUTION (MTD900R without motor)


Walking and running like on a forest floor

The worldwide unique treadmill surface with elastic springy slats and wooden substructure is built in close cooperation with the Swiss market leader for orthopedic shoes and physiotherapy kybun (formerly MBT) and was brought to perfection in more than 2 years of research & development.

The impulse-active compression zone of the kybun material allows the foot to sink in to different depths from slat to slat on impact, ensuring optimal springback and a constantly slightly changing load. You walk or run as if on a soft forest floor. The patented special construction, which is also used by kybun in the world-famous kybun standing mats, has been tested and certified by the IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics, among others.



The kybun treadmilll is one of kybun's innovative products helping even the most unmotivated people to rediscover the joy of being active!

What also makes the kybun treadmill completely unique is the combination of two ground-breaking inventions by kybun.

  • Running at home as if you were in a paddy field in Korea!
    The running surface on the brand new kybun treadmill consists of slats that are made of the same soft, elastic materials that are used to make kybun shoes and the kybun mats. This selection of materials allows you to enjoy the unique feeling of being in a paddy field while you are training – a feeling that has already helped alleviate the pain of thousands of people all around the world!
  • Relieves and strengthens
    Whether you are a patient undergoing a rehabilitation programme or an ambitious professional athlete, the kybun treadmill relieves your joints, strengthens your fine motor skills and improves performance. Furthermore, it allows patients going through a rehabilitation programme to speed up their recovery without putting too much strain on their bodies.

Help with rehabilitation

The running surface of the kybun treadmill is made with a soft, springy material that absorbs the impact on the joints, preventing further irritation to inflamed structures during rehabilitation. The kybun treadmill also ensures that all muscles in the lower limbs are activated when walking or running, forcing the patient to actively and continuously stabilise them. This is proven to improve the body’s proprioceptive and sensory motor skills as well as inter- and intramuscular coordination.

The second world debut is micro-interval training

The kybun treadmill features a further innovation: the micro-interval training programme that was especially developed for the kybun treadmill. The training programme consists of two independent phases. One phase controls the intensity of the training while the other phase focuses entirely on improving coordination. Both phases are very short, lasting between 15 and 30 seconds. The kybun treadmill varies both the incline level and speed during each training session.

  • In the intensive phase, minor muscle impulses pass through the body and relax the musculature.
  • In the coordinative phase, the deep muscles are activated and strengthened. This allows users to alleviate most of the pain they experience when walking. The duration and intensity of the training session can of course be freely adapted to the personal needs and fitness level of each user.

Variation is the secret to success

Users can focus on various aspects of the body by alternating between the intensive and coordinative phases. The two phases lead, in time, to different physical adaptations:

  • The intensive, relaxing phase releases tension and improves conditioning.
  • The coordinative phase allows users to focus on their sensory motor and coordination skills.

Run the pain away

In most cases, users very quickly see improvements to their posture and reduced tension in their bodies. However, it takes a bit more patience for them to improve their conditioning, depending on the intensity of their training sessions.

Automatically corrects poor posture

The phase alternation forces the brain to prepare for the corresponding movement. This interferes with the recall of practised and familiar movement patterns, which forces the brain to perceive and execute the body’s movements with greater awareness. In this way, incorrect posture is automatically corrected.

Frequently alternating between the phases allows the users to focus on their movements more precisely and prevents the overacidification of their muscles. This is especially beneficial for those with low levels of fitness who do not enjoy exercising, since overacidification is one of the main culprits for making exercise feel stressful, unpleasant and unappealing.

In fact, for those people who would otherwise avoid treadmills or jogging, the unfamiliar, bouncy feeling actually motivates them to be more active and get back in shape.

Endless training options

Another advantage of the kybun treadmill is that the micro-interval training programme is not limited to a standard setting. The kybun treadmill allows you to create a training programme that is tailored specifically to each and every patient or customer, providing millions of different training programmes that focus on different aspects of the body!

kybun treadmill. Leave the pain behind!