kybun Vernier Sand W

The Vernier Sand is essential for a casual look. The shiny inserts set characteristic highlights on the shoe and accentuate its fine cut. Whether in jeans, chinos or summery shorts: Vernier Sand completes every outfit.

Item no.: KFW2003
Available sizes: EU 34 1/3 – 43 / US 5 - 11.5 / UK 2 - 8.5
Upper: Leather and Mesh
Lining: Leather, Mesh and Microfiber
Insole: Mesh
Sole: PU, Cirrus

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kyBoot Vernier Sand W

The kyBoot Zermatt Black M, kybun's winter outdoor boot, gives you a secure footing on yellow hiking paths, whether or not there's snow. The insulating lining and the water-repellent outer material keep your feet nice and cosy. Adventure awaits during the cold season!

kyBoot Zermatt Black M: Warm feet, relaxed and safe in the cold.

Item no.: KFM6110
Available sizes: EUR 39 - 49
Upper: PU, polyester mesh, nylon
Liningl: Polyester lining with membrane
Insole: Polyester lining with membrane
Sole: PU, Nimbus