Osteoporosis: a silent disease

It has been well documented over the years, by medical professionals, that bones need hard impacts to prevent the loss of bone density. This ignores much of the theory of «Wolff's Law» and reduces it to "knocks". This is misleading because bones do not need knocks, which incidentally are always harmful. They need increased physical exertion. This is exactly what the bones receive more of in the kybun shoe than in a normal shoe because the kybun shoe is not only soft but springy. This is why we use the term rebound-effect when referring to the intensity of the kybun sole.

The following excerpt is from a recent telephone interview with Robert Schleipp and kybun inventor Karl Müller:

Herr Schleipp, Is it possible that walking in the elastic springy kybun shoe has a positive impact on the bone growth?

«Most definitely and the evidence has been there for over 100 years. A healthy increase in exertion within physiological limits makes the connective tissue and bones stronger and more resilient»

Robert Schleip, PhD is a world-renowned human biologist, lecturer and author who specialises in the field of fascia research

Benefits and effects:

  • Greater, but more gentle load than in conventional shoes
  • Stimulation of vein activity and blood circulation
  • More exercise thanks to increased enjoyment of movement
  • Strengthening of the foot and leg muscles
  • Reduces the risk of falls
  • Straightening and improved posture
  • Improvement in general mobility

The solution: kybun shoes & mats

With elastic springy movements (rebound-effect) the load on muscles, joints and therefore the bones increases.

The same thing happens when walking in the kybun shoe. The loads are much more variable and intense than the mostly repetitive, heavy stress in a normal shoe on flat surfaces. Wolff's law and many subsequent studies not only deal with bone density, but also with the strengthening and firmness of ligaments, tendons and cartilage, which also become more stable when you walk in kybun shoes.

Opinions/customer testimonials

Lene Rasmussen from Denmark

Lene Rasmussen from Denmark

I’ve been a good dancer in Denmark for many years. I did not know that dancing would break my bones. I’ve had surgery but couldn’t walk very well. I bought a pair of shoes from kybun shop in Denmark and thought that these would help to solve my problem. Within two months I began to walk better again. I lost about 8 kg of my weight over 7-8 months. During that time, I bought six pairs of sandals and shoes from kybun. These shoes have changed my life and I’m also able to walk faster. I am free of insoles, which I used for many years. I am very happy with my new life.

Katharina Mayer-Steinhäusl from Vienna, Austria

Katharina Mayer-Steinhäusl from Vienna, Austria

I’ve spent 30 years working in retail while wearing shoes that were stylish but far too uncomfortable. This has unfortunately taken its toll on my legs. I was suffering from Morton’s neuroma, a bunion, pain in my knees and lumbar spine, and on top of that, I fractured my femoral neck last summer after having an accident. It was virtually impossible for me to walk or stand without feeling pain, even when wearing flat shoes with insoles. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended the kybun shoes to me. She had been wearing a pair for a while herself, and was familiar with how the shoe’s enormous benefits. Purchasing a pair was definitely worth it for me as well. The comfortable air-cushioned insole makes walking a genuine pleasure – like you are walking on cotton. I also find the shoe very stylish, and people often come up to me to give their compliments. It was quite hard for me to choose just one pair from the large selection of models available – I’m sure this won’t be the last pair that I will buy. 

Uri Salzinger, ex-pilot from Spoleto, Italy

Uri Salzinger, ex-pilot from Spoleto, Italy

On October 1993 I did a forced landing near an air field at the northern part of Israel. On take off, and few minutes air born I've noticed a sudden engine cut, did a rapidly  forced landing in a very bad field for landing, plenty of boulders and rocks. In these circumstances you can choose the right place - you take what you find. Fortunately the passenger didn't suffer any damage,but I broke badly my right ankle. It took me one year and a half of crutches and 3 orthopaedic operations to walk again. Until now I couldn't find  suitable shoes though I  tryed all possible firms and styles. I could walk, but always with pain and uncomfortable sensation. Two months ago a friend from Israel,and shoed me his shoes, which was of your production. I tried them and felt good.  I use those shoes for about one month and a half now,and for the first time after the incident I can walk again without lame ,pain or inconvenience and for relatively long courses even up the hill side. So, in short ,I am very happy now with your shoes and will buy some others for the next winter.

What is so special about kybun?

Swiss made Heel cushioning Elastic & springy Perfect pressure distribution
Long-lasting PU material Trampoline effect & instability Washable cover

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