Wednesday 06. May 2015New: kyBoot Luzern Bronze W

Luzern Bronze W - enjoy exercise in style[more]

Thursday 19. March 2015New: kyBoot Maloja & Silvaplana Black

Airy, sporting and super comfortable[more]

Thursday 19. March 2015kyBoot – stylish and good for you

Wanted: the coolest kyBoot fashion selfie! Promotion from 20 March to 17 April 2015. [more]

Thursday 19. March 2015New: kyBoot Nyon Red & Black

The Nyon black: practical, modern and yet discreet.[more]

Thursday 19. March 2015So cool! The new kyBoot Carouge Blue

Flashy, peppy and cheeky: With the kyBoot Carouge blue, kybun offers a fashionable companion for trendy men[more]

Monday 09. March 2015Singer Freund insists on kybun shoe

The Swiss folk musician Peter Freund wears the high-tech kybun shoe footwear off stage. Initial reactions notwithstanding, today he feels relief for his knees, comfort and wellbeing. Now he no longer...[more]

Monday 09. March 2015Folk-pop star Manuela Fellner loves kybun shoes

Onstage, her cheerful smile spreads happiness: Manuela Fellner. On her television folk-pop tour, the successful singer's smile was wiped away by painful rheumatism. [more]

Friday 06. February 2015Exercising against thrombosis complaints

Rosmarie Bartholet keeps veins in shape with a very special shoe. While the thrombosis patient used to suffer from severe leg and back problems when standing and walking for long periods of time, she...[more]

Friday 23. January 2015Healing knee joints

A special shoe helped 56-year old Doris Blum from Berne, Switzerland, build up her muscles within a very short period of time after a serious skiing accident. No one expected that she would make such...[more]

Friday 09. January 2015Prosthesis wearer benefits from kybun shoe

Roland Diewald has suffered from diabetes and circulatory disturbances for 40 years. As a result, his toes, forefoot and lower legs have had to be amputated, bit by bit. [more]

Thursday 08. January 2015Almost without pain again after 25 years

As an insurance expert, René Leuppi is often out and about. For 25 years he suffered from serious pain and had to wear orthopaedic insoles. He also had pain in his hip. [more]

Wednesday 17. December 2014Simply pull tight instead of tying your laces!

The Swiss air-cushion shoe has got even easier to wear with our new shoelace clip.[more]

Tuesday 16. December 2014The perfect solution for fallen arches

Jürg Sieber has suffered from fallen arches since his youth. The innovative air cushion in this shoe has given him immense relief from his symptoms. [more]

Monday 08. December 2014Standing at the trade show without pain

Usually, Pascal Wieser spends most of his working hours sitting at a desk, but now and then, the managing director of the Vögele travel agency spends days standing at trade shows, presenting his...[more]

Thursday 27. November 2014The secret of freshness

Dutchman Olivier van der Staal works as a chef at the Renan community in Bern, where he conjures up delicious meals for residents made with fresh products from the community's own farm. [more]

Friday 14. November 2014Dream job was in jeopardy

Priska Hirt is training as a horse physiotherapist. Her serious back pain gave her sleepless nights and was making her consider giving up her dream job. [more]

Monday 10. November 2014Out and about in comfort and style

Romy Ziltener, from the Swiss town of Weesen, has a long history of suffering. Since childhood, one of the pensioner's legs has been 2.5 centimetres longer than the other, and she is afflicted with...[more]

Thursday 25. September 2014Peak performer for exciting yet comfortable trekking

kyBoot Jungfrau Peanut W: The mountains are calling![more]

Thursday 25. September 2014Relaxed and trendy by Town and Country

kyBoot Winterthur Black M: Makes walking fun again![more]

Thursday 25. September 2014Relaxed, safe and warm in the cold and snow

kyBoot Davos Red W: Warm feet, relaxed and safe in the cold[more]

Thursday 25. September 2014Peak performer for exciting yet comfortable trekking

kyBoot Matterhorn Olive M: The mountains are calling![more]

Tuesday 22. September 2015Winning the battle against vein problems

Santo Palamara was plagued by serious pain in his veins for years. As the operator of the Friulana Osteria & Pizzeria in Munich, he spends hours on his feet every day.[more]

Tuesday 22. September 2015Without pain despite a heel spur

Dora Huguenin works as a museum guide at the Horological Museum in Le Locle. Her heel spur used to cause her severe pain when walking and standing.[more]

Tuesday 22. September 2015A life for the shoe industry

Bernadette and Franz Müller played a valuable role in the development of the kybun production site in Sennwald. The couple have devoted their entire life to the shoe industry. [more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014kyBounder goes to school

Movement promotes quiet and concentration.[more]

Monday 25. April 2016kybun mat goes to school

Movement promotes composure and concentration[more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014Now available: kyBoot Luzern Caviar W

Up from now in your kyBoot partner's store: the new kyBoot Luzern Caviar W![more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014In your kyBoot Partners shop: Bom Navy M

Bom Navy M – soft-elastic over rush and smooth.[more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014Now available: kyBoot Montreux Tobacco M

The kyBoot Montreux Tobacco M is the first moccasin (one of the oldest kinds of shoe known to humanity) to be added to the kybun collection. [more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014Soon won over despite his scepticism

René Keusen had to give up his job at the Opera House for health reasons. Two slipped discs and knee trouble made his life difficult and gave him severe pain.[more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014New and chic: The new kyBoot Luzern pearl

In the new Luzern Pearl W – enjoy exercise true to your style! From no on in your kyBoot partner's store![more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014Dog breeder with hardy feet

Dog breeder Imelda Angehrn describes the Swiss air-cushion shoe from kybun as the perfect companion on walks with her four-legged friends.[more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014Music producer on tour and free of pain thanks to kybun shoe

Beat Müller is a music producer and tour manager from northern Switzerland. During the Advent period he spends almost every day on tour with the group “Furbaz”, from Graubünden.[more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014Koreans yodelling in Switzerland

Kim Hong-Chul from South Korea is a real fan of everything Swiss. He not only plays the Swiss folk accordeon but also yodels and sings folk songs in the local Swiss German.[more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014Soothing barefoot sensation at the garage

The two garage owners Peter Meier and Patrick Odermatt are on their feet for hours every day. Whereas once, in their hard shoes, they complained of tiredness and pain, today they are no longer...[more]

Wednesday 04. January 2017From motor sport to health

He owns the most important motocross collection of the whole Europe, he was himself a racing driver: Rolf Hässig.[more]

Wednesday 04. January 2017No one is still silent!

The Gossau Gospel Choir has been successfully on international stages for 25 years.[more]

Wednesday 04. January 2017Ex-alcoholic regains his pleasure in life

Today, in his kybun shoes, 53-year-old Jakob Wampfler goes through life joyfully, with a spring in his step. [more]

Wednesday 04. January 2017Life without pain thanks to kybun shoe

Barbara Pledl works at Luchsinger’s butcher’s shop in Volketswil.[more]

Wednesday 04. January 2017Nothing but the kybun shoe helped

Gopal RajGuru suffered from serious pain in his feet. None of the treatments helped. It was only the kybun shoe, which he came across in Canada, that brought the relief he had long hoped for.[more]

Tuesday 03. January 2017Customers recommend the kybun shoe

Kurt Inderbitzin has worn the kybun shoes for years. Thanks to the Swiss shoe with its air-cushion sole he has got over his hip trouble[more]

Tuesday 03. January 2017Leg seriously injured in motorcycle accident

The incredible success story of Marco Hanselmann.[more]

Tuesday 03. January 2017Former pain therapist gives away health

For Heidi Stäger the kybun shoe is the best experience of her life[more]

Tuesday 03. January 2017Comfortable through daily life

Use kybun to relax and strengthen muscles[more]

Tuesday 03. January 2017Comfortable through everyday life

Use kybun to relax and strengthen your muscles[more]

Tuesday 03. January 2017Knee pain relieved

Thanks to kybun shoe, Robert Dönni has recovered his quality of life[more]

Tuesday 03. January 2017Powerful on the ice

Hockey stars from Friborg-Gottéron train with the kybun mat.[more]

Thursday 30. June 2016Reduce pain

The foot is the key to any healthy body.[more]

Thursday 22. December 2016Bad Ragartz with kybun shoe

During the art exhibition Bad Ragartz, our partner Thergofit provides free kybun test shoes.[more]

Wednesday 21. December 2016In kybun shoe, jogging for election campaign

In his election campaign, the young St.Gallen government candidate Michael Götte is walking around the canton of St.Gallen. He is so enthusiastic about the kybun shoe that he takes part of his...[more]

Thursday 26. November 2015Franz Heinzer trained with kybun shoes

Downhill world champion and Swiss ski team coach Franz Heinzer trained throughout the year every day with the kybun shoe his deep muscles.[more]

Wednesday 21. December 2016kybun shoe - probably the most comfortable hiking shoe in the world

In the autumn, we took the new Sorak Black and Red outdoor shoe in our standart collection.[more]

Wednesday 21. December 2016Happiness in the office

The office chair is gone. Work is now being done on the kybun mat, the soft-elastic spring floor.[more]

Wednesday 21. December 2016Like a lottery win

Thanks to the kybun shoe, the former top goalscorer can play sport again without pain or limping after his serious injury.[more]

Tuesday 20. December 2016The shoe that causes "miracle"

This film shows: The Swiss air cushion shoe from kybun works wonders.[more]

Wednesday 21. December 2016The best therapy for heel spur

Karl Müller explains in an informative spot the causes of the heel spur and how you treat it best.[more]

Wednesday 04. January 2017Football youth fit thanks to kybun mat

The National Training Center of Tenero integrates the kybun mat into the training program of junior athletes.[more]