WALKOLUTION Treadmill with kybun comfort


The 900 series "kybun" by WALKOLUTION is your lifelong accessory for a dynamic lifestyle.


The unique treadmill surface with its elastic and springy slats and wooden construction was built after more than two years of research and development and collaboration with kybun.

The impulse-active buffer zone of the kybun material allows the foot to sink into different depths from slat to slat. This ensures an optimal spring-back effect and a light continuous change of weight. You walk or run just like you would on a soft forest floor.

The rebound effect promotes reciprocal muscle tension and relaxation. This optimizes the training effect for the leg, foot, back and core body muscles while improving your balance and coordination. For people who are constantly on the move or those suffering from degenerative joint diseases, the WALKOLUTION treadmill is the optimal solution.


WALKOLUTION with kybun comfort