The Hallufix sole


An insole in a kybun shoe? In the following section, we explain what the new sole is and in which cases it can be useful.


The Hallufix sole is a flexible insole with a red, movable cushion pad. This cushion pad can be repositioned as required. This allows the pressure on the sole of the foot to be redistributed, supports the arch of the foot and considerably reduces initial reactions.

The Hallufix sole can also help with the following clinical conditions:

  • Morton Neurom
  • Forefoot pain
  • Splayfoot
  • Tingling / falling asleep / numb toes
  • Bending / lowering foot / flat foot
  • Hallux Rigidus

How do I apply the Hallufix sole?

The application is very easy. The sole is cut to size if necessary and inserted into the kybun shoe. The red pad is placed according to the indication.

The Hallufix sole