Take a walk through the autumn with kybun


Discover a selection of kybun models that will keep your feet warm and protect them from the elements.


Thanks to the elastic springy sole of kybun you benefit from the moss floor sensation under your feet. The kybun shoe glides effortlessly over hard relenting floors and surfaces and you don't have to worry about cold feet.

The kybun shoe makes walking a pleasure again. The shoe noticeably relieves your joints, activates the vein pump, strengthens your deep muscles and promotes good heart circulation. Mobility and balance are trained with the kybun shoe and this helps to reduce the risk of falls.

We have a selection of autumn models which are characterized by their insulated inner lining and water-repellent outer material. They are designed to keep your feet comfortable and warm, wherever your walks take you in the cool of autumn.

kybun autumn models