Swiss football legend Pascal Zuberbühler is the new face of the kybun Joya Company


We warmly welcome Pascal to his role as the new ambassador for the Swiss health shoe company kybun Joya.


Protection of joints, relaxation of muscles and ligaments are a daily necessity for professional athletes. Pascal Zuberbühler, a towering former professional goalkeeper whose career spanned some 20 years, knows only too well the importance of a healthy functioning musculoskeletal system and is well qualified to represent kybun Joya. His personal use of the health shoes and his enthusiasm for the proven walking and wearing comfort of kybun Joya shoes make him a credible ambassador for the brand.

«When I wear the kybun shoe, I feel secure, strong and agile. I never thought it would have such an enormous influence on my knee pain.»

Pascal Zuberbühler
kybun Joya Ambassador


Plans for the partnership between Pascal Zuberbühler and kybun Joya will be characterized first and foremost by a lively and pro-active approach. In addition to the classic communication via social media platforms and events of the football expert, he will promote the brand together with the kybun Joya team and participate in live events.