Superior slip resistance thanks to kybun


The unique kybun soles excel in an American study about anti-slip properties.



At kybun, we strive to make the comfortable feeling of wearing kybun shoes a reality for as many people as possible. A recent American study has examined the slip resistance of the kybun soles and has proven that they are especially slip-resistant (Coefficient of Friction COF of over 0.4). This resistance factor is crucial for safer walking and standing in everyday life - even on wet surfaces.

The kybun soles have been tried and tested in many ways. They offer a strong trampoline effect with sustained training benefits and absorption. The foot pressure is uniformly distributed and the power transfer is optimized. The elastically resilient material compensates for protective postures and gait misalignment and ensures a firm grip on any surface thanks to the full-length sole profile and the large contact surface to the ground.

Slip resistance result