Shoes that reduce arthritis pain


Arnold Graf, from Sonnenbräu, a traditional brewery in Rheintal, Switzerland, has been suffering from arthritis pain in his knees for many years.

Although he’s old enough to be a pensioner, he is still active and frequently needs to move around on hard surfaces in order to take care of his whisky. He does this wearing the Swiss air-cushion shoe from kybun. The soft springy soles absorb the impact on his knees when he walks, reducing his arthritis pain. He says the difference between kybun shoes and regular shoes is like ‘night and day’: When he walks in regular shoes, the acute arthritis pain returns after just ten minutes. This is why the Rheintal native no longer can – or wishes to – go anywhere without the benefits of the Swiss invention. Especially since the soles provide another benefit when he walks on the partially wet floors of the brewery. The soles provide traction against the floor. Furthermore, the air cushion in the soles warms the feet, even when it is cold, and keeps the body in constant motion.