Relaxed and pain-free after a day of work


Matthias Schmid is head of the Schmid-Fehr AG print shop in the Swiss municipality of Goldach, near Lake Constance.

His job often requires him to spend more than ten hours a day on his feet. Despite those long hours, though, he can still end each day of work feeling relaxed and pain-free – thanks to the soft, springy mat at his standing desk and the elastic springy air-cushion shoe. This shoe is perfect for his everyday needs. “Ever since I started wearing the kybun shoe, I feel much better – all day long,” says Schmid. In the past, he suffered from back problems and headaches. Now, he releases tension through constant, gentle movement on a springy surface. He is not the only one at his workplace to benefit from these special shoes, either – his secretary loves to wear them as well.