Reducing the pain of erythromelalgia with air cushions


Michel from Wetzikon, Switzerland, suffers from the extremely rare vascular disease erythromelalgia. For a long time, he has barely left his home because of the pain, swelling and burning sensations in his limbs.

Now, the Swiss air-cushion shoe by kybun is giving him new hope. Since starting to wear the soft, elastic, springy soles, he has reduced his pain to between 25 and 50 per cent of previous levels. What’s more, the additional movement counteracts further damage caused by inactivity. Michel is delighted with the freedom he has regained, and is convinced of the shoe’s benefits. He says, “The kybun shoe is adding a few extra years to my life.” He wants to inspire people with chronic pain and encourages them never to lose hope. He is convinced that the kybun shoes can help a wide variety of patients suffering from different health complaints.