Primetime on Korean TV: Karl Müller's Health secret


A Korean television documentary with interesting and fun insights into the life of Karl Müller and his family in Roggwil. Experience the 160-minute TV report condensed and translated in just 9 minutes.

Korean television visiting little Roggwil? Only kybun can do that. In March, a film crew more than 60 strong filmed a two-day television production in the kybun Tower, at Karl Müller's home and at other locations where Karl Müller is active. Several Korean celebrities, among them actors, comedians, musicians and other celebrities from the Korean media, took part. The Korean celebrities did not know in advance what they were getting into when they travelled here to Switzerland. Karl Müller, already a prominent figure in Korea, finally revealed himself to them and introduced them to his healthy lifestyle. Under the motto "Somebody misses Korea" Karl shows how he lives here in Switzerland and what connects him to Korea. In the unmistakable Korean way a documentary about health, family and of course kybun was created.