Karl Müller interview on QS24 TV


On the German channel QS24, Karl Müller talks about old age and why it doesn't have to be a constant pain. The kybun founder kicks off a series of interviews explaining why we shouldn't assume musculoskeletal pain is just a fact of life.


Millions of people around the world - including numerous celebrities, have learned from today's studio guest the message that nature didn't give us shoes from birth but bare feet. Walking barefoot across rough natural terrain has helped shape our upright gait. Unfortunately, nowadays we rarely walk barefoot or over natural terrain and this shift in civilization does not leave the human race unscathed.

The consequences: our gaits become ever more crooked as we grow older. The forward inclination of the body adds to our woes. Orthopaedic operations on feet, knees and hips are increasing dramatically. The pain takes away a considerable quality of life from the people affected and drains their energy. Karl Müller's invention is like a reprieve and his tireless efforts educating people spanning decades has made him something of a Messiah figure.

Pain can be relieved by natural movement in nature. Up to 80% of foot, knee and hip surgeries could conceivably be avoided. The importance of medicine in prevention takes on new meaning through this series.