Getting back to normality with kybun


Like many people around the United Kingdom, Robert’s life has been tipped on its head by the covid pandemic.

"Robert W. Sutherland: literally over the moon with his purchase from kybun."


At its worst point, daily trips were limited to a once a week supermarket outing and the prospect of any other trip let alone a holiday were fanciful. This not only reduced his daily exercise but took away the pleasure of his daily walks and because this impacted his physical strength he lost the confidence to do the most straightforward things we all take for granted.


Then out of the blue, his daughter Shirley came across a kybun video reportage about Professor Karl Hecht, (aged 92 at time of filming). He attributes much of his longevity down to the kybun shoe and recommends it to anyone who experiences difficulty walking. As soon as Robert heard the story he felt compelled to try out the kybun shoe for himself and with the help of his daughter ordered a pair of trial shoes through the kybun online shop. Fast forward a couple of months and the transformation has been remarkable. He hasn’t worn any other shoes since and his confidence has returned so much that he recently made a train trip from Glasgow to Manchester alone.

Robert relates to people's perception of bouncing on soft clouds. His balance has greatly improved and he is literally in his own words over the moon. As soon as he took his first steps in the shoe he knew that he wanted to keep them and he cannot recommend the shoe highly enough.


Silvaplana Black kybun Trial Shoes