Entrepreneur Karl Müller retires as CEO of kybun


Karl Müller has taken one of the biggest steps of his 48-year entrepreneurial career by handing over the management of kybun to a new successor. His successor is Urs Koller and he takes over with immediate effect. Müller himself will in future concentrate on his role as the chair of the board of directors.

The news comes as a surprise: Karl Müller, the successful inventor of the kybun air-cushion shoe and name-giver of the FCSG home stadium «kybunpark», is stepping down. This was announced today by the CEO of kybun you will be 68 this year. «Since I officially became a pensioner three years ago, I have been intending to hand over my responsibilities to the kybun management to someone new», Karl Müller explains his decision. His search for the ideal candidate has now reached a successful conclusion and he can hand over the company into safe hands. His excitement about the new phase of his life is equally big but still a huge step. Karl Müller's entrepreneurial career spans a total of 48 years.


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