A «SECOND LIFE» for your old shoes


We collect your old kybun and Joya shoes, give them a revamp and donate them to people in need.

The World we live in has become very much a throw-away society. We buy new things repeatedly and, as soon as they break, we throw them away. Often we forget that the things we throw away still have value and can be used by other people.

Here at kybun want to change that - together with Joya we give your worn, used shoes a «SECOND LIFE»!

We collect used kybun and Joya shoes, revamp them and donate them to people in need. We professionally disassemble the shoes that are no longer usable in order to recycle the material or dispose of it properly.

Join us and contribute to social and ecological sustainability! Find out more about this project and how you can donate your shoes here.

Second Life