Doctor approves of kybun as a natural cure for knee pain


Someone once said that a good doctor uses the least medicine. For octogenarian and retired GP, Neil Roberts the kybun shoe is a viable alternative to medication.

"The kybun shoe gives me stability and comfort that enables me to walk longer and further without discomfort."


It has boosted his confidence to enjoy walking without the niggling knee and back pain he used to experience with ordinary walking shoes. Neil started life as a doctor in the British army and has seen his fair share of action. He travelled around Europe with the military before settling as a General Practitioner in his adopted home in the North East. He lives and breathes medicine and whilst his beliefs are textbook he always keeps an open mind. When a family member introduced him to kybun he was sceptical but happy to try them out. He was so impressed by the benefits that he now sees the shoe as a serious proactive measure for anybody who wants to get more out of their walking experience.

They say doctors never really stop working and that is certainly true of Dr Roberts. When he is not advising family or friends on their medical issues you will find him out and about walking with his trusted companion the kybun Säntis walking shoe.


The kybun walking shoes Hiking without pain