Born to walk


Learn/relearn how to walk today! The editorial team of Gesundheits-Nachrichten (health news) tried out the very special shoe in Appenzell, Switzerland. Read on to learn more about their findings!

Do you know that special feeling of placing your bare feet in a flowery meadow after spending a long time in the city? Everything feels very soft, but you initially feel shaky on your feet and need to find your balance, hesitating a little before taking the next step. Soon afterwards, walking becomes very pleasant. It is a sad reality that most people today have very few opportunities to walk barefoot.

Alfred Vogel recommended walking in dewy grass in the early morning every day. But he would have also known that this is very difficult for most people living in cities. A special kind of shoe could offer an alternative. We were told that the kyBoot shoe not only allows you to walk on a soft, springy surface; it also enables a completely new way of walking. This, of course, piqued the curiosity of the editorial team at Gesundheits-Nachrichten (health news). We wanted to find out more about this special shoe, so we left our office chairs behind and set up an appointment with Karl Müller, the inventor of the kyBoot shoe, to try out the shoe ourselves.

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