A personal interview with the head of kybun


Get to know the new CEO of kybun and find out why he experienced some discomfort during his first few days despite his keen hobby athlete lifestyle.


Urs, how's it going with standing or are you sitting?
Urs Koller: A quick search for an office chair on his first day proved fruitless. Standing at work and conducting meetings in an upright position is like having a subcontious fitness facility at my continuous disposal. Admittedly: I can't deny some sore muscles after the first days at work!


What special features do you like best about kybun?
Isn't that fantastic to be in charge of a team that represents the last shoe factory in Switzerland? It is also a tremendous satisfaction to know that millions of customers wear kybun shoes and benefit daily from further exceptional products and medical services that we offer.


Was it hard taking over a company like kybun in these special times?
The challenge of the new task has generated a lot of happy hormones that more than compensate for the corona situation and the frustration of not having regular contact with my colleagues who are confined to home-office. Taking over the helm from Karl Müller is really all the motivation I need.


kybun means «feeling good» - which hobby makes you feel good?
My football skills are modest, so I choose to enjoy this great sport in the stadium or on TV and appreciate the thrilling emotions from a distance. For over forty years I have been an active rower in the See Club Arbon and I cherish «the ride» on the beautiful Lake Constance.


Last but not least: Which is your favourite kybun shoe?
I love the Carouge models as a stylish walking accessory. I particularly value the air-cushion sole and the design of the shoe.


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