Innovative material for long durability

Multi-component long-lasting PU The secret of the kybun mat lies in its special material properties. This material consists of a specially developed multi-component polyurethane (PU), which is extremely soft, yet has a high long-lasting rebound force. Even with intensive use over a long period of time, the kybun mat retains its rebound-effect. In contrast to other PVC mats on the market, the kybun mat has a very large sinking depth with a simultaneously high spring back force.

With a use of 8 hours/day at normal weight (BMI 18-25) and appropriate care, the average durability is about 2 years. Per 10% above normal weight these values decrease by about 10%, per 50% above normal weight correspondingly by about 50%.

In order to keep the kybun mat in perfect condition for as long as possible, please read the following advice carefully: