kybun can give back vitality to Parkinson's patients

More than six million people worldwide suffer from Parkinson's disease – the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer's disease. Although the symptoms of Parkinson's disease can now be kept under control for years to come, no cure is yet in sight. However, the cause has still not been conclusively determined.

In the meantime, more and more affected people have discovered kybun as a simple, effective and inexpensive alternative to effectively combat the symptoms of the disease and regain a large part of their quality of life.

The unique technology of the shoe gently activates and mobilises the musculature. The kybun shoe thus leads to a reduction in muscular complaints and, above all, resting tremors.

kybun as an ideal complementary therapy

  • Reduction of muscle shaking (tremor)
  • Improved balance and less dizziness
  • Smoother walking without pondering - thanks to increased proprioceptive feedback
  • Activation, training and loosening of the leg and body muscles
  • Stimulation of blood circulation in the legs and feet
  • Positive effect on posture and gait pattern
  • Improvement of the feeling of feet and hands
  • More joy and quality of life thanks to regained exercise

Why is kybun so unique?

Swiss made Heel cushioning Elastic & springy Perfect pressure distribution
Long-lasting PU material Trampoline effect & instability Washable cover

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