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Rafaela Hayden, had a deformed foot, Switzerland

When the assistant was advising me I realised that for the first time I was wearing shoes that didn't pinch. So I decided to buy a pair. When I got talking to my orthopaedist, he was very sceptical and said that lots of people came back to him disappointed by kybun shoes, complaining of even greater pain. I took the warning seriously and asked myself what that might be all about. When you feel better, you tend to get quite fussy. I thought that was probably the mistake people were making. If you wear insoles for a long time, your foot muscles are weak. So I started wearing the kybun shoe and the shoe with insoles alternately, and gradually built up the intensity. I could feel my whole body getting fitter. Today I spend one day a week out with the dogs and might walk up to five-and-a-half hours. That's already possible, even though I've only been wearing the kybun shoes a short time. At the end of the day I can feel it in my feet, but the next day it's OK again.

Rafaela Hayden, had a deformed foot, Switzerland