Eliminate calluses for good

There are various possible causes for the development of a callus. In particular, the wearing of unhealthy shoes plays a decisive role.

If a shoe does not fit properly, increased pressure is exerted on the skin or part of the foot. This leads to an increase in the formation of a callus in the affected area. When you wear the kybun shoe, the load is evenly distributed over the entire foot and calluses are effectively avoided.

The perfect solution against calluses: The kybun shoe

Friction points on the skin become blisters or calluses over time. These reactions are always a sign of an overstress of this area. This part of the foot gets too much pressure and the body reacts with a thickening of the skin. Consequently, the removal of the callus is only a short-term solution, in the long term the pressure on this area must be minimised.

Christine Weisskirchen works as a permanent night watch in the hospital. For a long time she suffered from thick callus and open spots on her feet. She tried several shoes and threw them away after a short time. Until she found the perfect solution for herself in air cushion shoes from kybun. Since then she has not suffered from leg or foot pain and the callus has completely disappeared.

Today Christine Weisskirchen knows which shoes fit her feet and offer her a feeling of well-being. «I had a very good consultation in the kybun partner shop Thun. They drew my attention to the fact that there can be dizziness and other first reactions. But it wasn't bad. I am very happy with my shoes and have no more pain. I would recommend them anywhere.»

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