Cooking is fun, even after long hours of standing!

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kybun shoes fulfil the requirements of the catering sector

The soles are abrasion and water resistant, prevent accidents in the workplace. The foot climate system ensures optimal moisture and temperature regulation. kybun shoes don't need to be broken in: The shoe fits perfectly from the moment you slip it on. Why not try out the comfortable and functional kybun shoes for yourself?

Whether serving or preparing, good shoes are essential for jobs in the catering industry.

No more tired legs
Standing for long periods of time in the wrong shoes quickly leads to tired legs and aching feet. kybun shoes remedy this and promote well-being in the workplace.

Relieve the burden on your feet
kybun shoes make it easier to walk and stand for long periods thanks to the elastic, springy air-cushion soles. You hardly notice the shoe due to its light weight, and the walk-on-air sole provides optimal shock absorption and noticeably reduces the stress on your body.

 «I’ve always had quite a lot of problems with my feet. There have been times when I’ve hardly been able to stand anymore. It got so bad that I had to see a doctor. But then I found out about kyBoot shoes from some of my friends. Since then, I’ve since been able to cope with long periods of standing and walking around. It’s all thanks to the softness and shock absorption. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my posture». Bettina Zöllig, owner of the Bären restaurant, Speicherschwendi, Switzerland

Customer testimonials

فرانز هينزر,بطل العالم بسباق الانحدار ومدرب تزلج سويسري

أعتقد أنه من المهم جداً اكتساب قاعدة راسخة و محاولة الإنخراط في الكثير من التدريب باستعمال تمارين مختلفة. باستعمال الكيبوت يمكنك التركيز على نقاط محددة و تقوية العضلات في القدمين - العضلات العميقة - و بالتالي يمكن فعل الكثير لتجنب المشاكل.

جوزيف مارها, اتش سي دافوس

جوزيف مارها, اتش سي دافوس

عندما جربت الكيبوت للمرة الأولى لم أصدق كم كان مريحاً. و بعد عدة أسابيع من ارتداءه أدركت انه ليس فقط مريح بل و فعال أيضاً. لقد أراحني من ألم الظهر الرفيق الدائم لأي رياضي محترف. لم يعد باستطاعني خلعه من قدمي.