kybun products not just for professional athletes

Effective training and active regeneration

kyBoot shoes, the kyBounder and the kyTrainer help professional athletes with their everyday training exercises as well as those who play sport as a hobby. It is possible to increase stamina and fitness with minimal effort thanks to the soft, springy surface . The flexible surface gets the body moving. Exercises in kyBoot shoes or on the kyBounder are suitable for both hobby sports enthusiasts and professional athletes. Small movements are intensified, which increases physical and mental well-being after a short period of time. The intense movement of deep muscle groups stimulates circulation. It is an enjoyable combination of endurance, strength and coordination training.

The kybun micro-interval method on the kyTrainer switches between exercise and recovery every 15 seconds. These brief intervals prevent the overacidification of the muscles. This way, lactic acid does not build up while you exercise. Exercise is always followed by a recovery period of the same length of time or even longer. These factors ensure that your body barely tires, even though it is actively doing intensive exercises.

kybun strengthens your muscles and brings balance to your everyday life.

Benefits and effect:

  • Exercises muscles
  • Improves coordination
  • Increases the supply of blood to the muscles
  • Actively regenerates
  • Prevents injuries

kybun for competitive sport

Sport doctors recommend regularly strengthening the deep muscles in order to optimally prepare yourself for competition. Only active, strengthened muscles can provide protection against damage to ligaments, tendons and joints. Usually, only the large muscle groups are exercised regularly and the small, delicate segments are often neglected. This unnecessarily increases the risk of an injury.

Top athletes train hard and often and unfortunately, most of them only train in one way. Depending on the sport, many athletes suffer from long-term, irreparable injuries after their careers. These injuries are often due to extreme, repetitive strain to specific parts of the body.

Fortunately, this is increasingly being prevented and physiotherapists are paying more attention to gentle training methods for handball players, footballers or track and field athletes. Alongside endurance and strength training, it is also important to train and stabilise the deep muscle groups. Using the kyBounder allows you to benefit from gentle intramuscular training, which is the ideal supplement to the further training programme of any top-class sport. kyBoot shoes and the kyBounder help you to actively recover after hard training sessions or competitions.

kybun is a leader in the fields of performance improvement, injury therapy, prevention and regeneration.

Customer testimonials

Joachim Schmid, marathon runner from Filderstadt, Germany

Joachim Schmid, marathon runner from Filderstadt, Germany

I’m a marathon runner and very thankful for kyBoot shoes. I often had pain in my Achilles tendon after running. The pain has completely vanished since I started wearing kyBoot shoes. Thank God for inventors and the people that support them.

Pascal Wieser, CEO of Vögele Reisen AG, Switzerland

Pascal Wieser, CEO of Vögele Reisen AG, Switzerland

I do a lot of sport and have a good feel for what is going on in my body, so I notice when my shoes are giving me too much stress. With these shoes I'm far less overtaxed. On the other hand, it feels like I'm constantly exercising, as I'm never fully at rest.

Romy Ziltener, Weesen am Walensee, Switzerland

Romy Ziltener, Weesen am Walensee, Switzerland

I notice that I'm deliberately moving differently. A bit more gently and better. I'm a housewife; I don't go jogging, but mopping is my exercise, and that's my jogging, really. I bend my knees a lot doing it, and I think the kyBoot helps a lot with that. The shoes help me get it done. They're almost like slightly larger trainers. 

Media reports about kybun products used in sports

Thursday 29. September 2016kyTrainer – A unique, multifunctional physiotherapy device

kyTrainer – A unique, multifunctional physiotherapy device

The soft, springy kyTrainer treadmill from kybun is a multifunctional physiotherapy device that is the only one of its kind in the world. [more]

Thursday 14. January 2016FC St. Gallen players train with kybun products

FC St. Gallen players train with kybun products

FC St. Gallen regularly demonstrates its skills in front of thousands of spectators. The fitness of players is not just a matter of chance. [more]

Saturday 19. December 2015Working with a spring in your step – thanks to the kyBoot

Working with a spring in your step – thanks to the kyBoot

Being on your feet all day and still coming home relaxed is a dream for many people with jobs where you’re required to stand all day. [more]

Monday 05. October 2015kyBoot shoes make walking easier

kyBoot shoes make walking easier

Ursula and Roger Langel live high above Lake Thun on the idyllic Le Rüdli country estate. The pair both suffered bad accidents on separate occasions. [more]

Wednesday 04. January 2017Interval walking against pain

Interval walking against pain

Run away from the pain! By attending the free Module 3 course, you will learn how to do it![more]

Tuesday 03. January 2017Knee pain relieved

Knee pain relieved

Thanks to kyBoot, Robert Dönni has recovered his quality of life[more]

Tuesday 03. January 2017Powerful on the ice

Powerful on the ice

Hockey stars from Friborg-Gottéron train with the kyBounder.[more]

Wednesday 04. January 2017Football youth fit thanks to kyBounder

Football youth fit thanks to kyBounder

The National Training Center of Tenero integrates the kyBounder into the training program of junior athletes.[more]