Standing in lessons increases concentration

Sitting dominates our lives from a young age. The best way to change set structures and behaviour patterns is by incorporating movement and energy into everyday life at school.

The kyBounder simulates a soft, flexible surface. Even simply swaying on the kyBounder activates a range of different muscles. Studies show that moderately moving while learning makes learning easier and increases intelligence. In contrast, sitting still and concentrating result in significantly poorer results. What’s more, kybun prevents incorrect posture and relieves school-related stress.

Read a survey of pupils and teachers about standing desks in the classroom  PDF (104 KB)

Effect and benefits:

  • Increased concentration when learning
  • Increases creativity
  • The combination of moderate exercise and mental activity increases learning capacity
  • Improves posture
  • Improves coordination and body perception
  • Improves well-being
  • Burns calories, even during lessons
  • Is great fun
  • Helps reduce hyperactive behaviour

Customer testimonials

Olivier van der Staal, chef, Renan, Switzerland

Olivier van der Staal, chef, Renan, Switzerland

I was working for two months in Germany and visited a friend in St. Gallen. My wife went shopping and saw the shoes. After we'd eaten she said, “You have to try them!” I tried them out and spent all day walking round St. Gallen, and it was great. Then I started working in them. Yes – you can't describe it. 

Mrs and Mr Mpalastos from Mantoudi Evoias, Greece

Mrs and Mr Mpalastos from Mantoudi Evoias, Greece

Since the beginning of January 2015 I (77 years old) couldn't walk more than 50 meters because of numbness and pain in both legs. I was diagnosed "Central Stenosis" of lumbar spine. I was told by several doctors that I will need to have spinal operation. My wife Stavroula (72 years old) had a similar problem 1 year ago. She couldn’t walk more than 30 meters because of left leg pain. She was diagnosed with “Lateral Stenosis”.  She overcame her problem after intense physical therapy, acupuncture, exercise and progressive walking with kyBoot after her physiotherapist recommended it. After all her treatment she was walking 2 km without rest, thus she suggested me to try first the same approach. After 4 months of therapy I could walk close to 1 km. I hesitated to buy kyBoot even I liked a lot, as I tried them for one day. My wife tried to persuade me to buy them because as she said they are not ordinary shoes but they are a valuable equipment. I hesitated because of the cost which was almost my half pension.  Now two months after wearing these wonderful shoes I feel very satisfied for my decision to buy them. I walk with my wife every day for 75 minutes with a fast pace. We compete with each other about who is going to finish first. Our goal is to walk 10 km a day with kyBoot in a couple years, when we are going to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. 

Jürg Sieber, adviser at Nahrin, Widnau, Switzerland

Jürg Sieber, adviser at Nahrin, Widnau, Switzerland

I wore kyBoot shoes at the Christmas market in Rorschach. I had skiing socks on in the shoes and my feet weren't cold at all. Usually I always had to wear walking boots. But in kyBoot shoes it was wonderful. I've tried it a couple of times now. At the market in Arbon. I felt much better than in walking boots. In any case, it's no good when you have heavy shoes on all day. But in kyBoot shoes it was wonderful.

Media reports about kybun in schools

Wednesday 28. May 2014kyBounder goes to school

kyBounder goes to school

Movement promotes quiet and concentration.[more]