Standing in lessons increases concentration

Sitting dominates our lives from a young age. The best way to change set structures and behaviour patterns is by incorporating movement and energy into everyday life at school.

The kyBounder simulates a soft, flexible surface. Even simply swaying on the kyBounder activates a range of different muscles. Studies show that moderately moving while learning makes learning easier and increases intelligence. In contrast, sitting still and concentrating result in significantly poorer results. What’s more, kybun prevents incorrect posture and relieves school-related stress.

Read a survey of pupils and teachers about standing desks in the classroom  PDF (104 KB)

Effect and benefits:

  • Increased concentration when learning
  • Increases creativity
  • The combination of moderate exercise and mental activity increases learning capacity
  • Improves posture
  • Improves coordination and body perception
  • Improves well-being
  • Burns calories, even during lessons
  • Is great fun
  • Helps reduce hyperactive behaviour

Customer testimonials

Priska Hirt, lives in Bubikon, Switzerland

Priska Hirt, lives in Bubikon, Switzerland

At first it was difficult to break in the shoes. I could only walk in the shoes for 5 minutes a day and now, after 4–6 months, I can walk in the shoes for over a day. When I walk, my legs don't feel heavy any more. In the evening I lie in bed and my back is relaxed. I no longer have to tense myself for 10 minutes until it relaxes.

Prince Albert of Monaco

Prince Albert of Monaco

Prince Albert of Monaco wears the kyBoot. The kyBoot won over the genial monarch straight away, impressing him with its unique walking sensation.

Eli Vaknin, Businessman, Beit Dagan, Israel

Eli Vaknin, Businessman, Beit Dagan, Israel

I used to be a television technician, and I developed knee problems. Any new shoes that came out… there is nothing I haven’t tried. For the first time there is something which truly solved my problem. My father who is 76 could hardly walk, and today he walks freely and enjoys the shoes. He doesn't take them off, even on the Sabath. I intend to buy the entire collection.

Media reports about kybun in schools

Wednesday 28. May 2014kyBounder goes to school

kyBounder goes to school

Movement promotes quiet and concentration.[more]