Where can I use the kybun mat?

Wherever you stand in one place for long periods of time – when on the phone, ironing, watching television, reading the newspaper, checking your e-mail or doing work at a standing work station.

Which kybun product is suitable for working standing up?

I recommend that you stand on the kybun mat for this kind of work. The mat is ideal for it: The feet can move with complete freedom and the body is trained even more intensively than in a kybun shoe. If you also perform our four basic exercises to loosen up from time to time, you will not become passive as quickly. In time, you will be able to stand for hours on the soft, elastic mat.

Whenever you notice that your body is becoming tired, bounce, walk or jog in place for 20–30 seconds. This will reinvigorate you and allow you to continue standing on the kybun mat.

The kybun shoe's breathing function does not work perfectly while you remain stationary. If you stand for too long, your feet will tend to become sweaty. The kybun shoe has been designed for walking and is ideally suited for alternating between standing at a podium and walking.