Break out of the vicious circle of tension, blockages, and pain

‘Swiss Natural Walking’ is a simple method for breaking out of the vicious circle of tension, blockages, wear, and pain. It allows many people to live free of pain to an advanced age.

Walking barefoot on natural ground – think about the last time you were walking on a batch of soft moss, or a summer meadow in bloom. At the time, you were actively – but completely unconsciously – using your feet to maintain balance and feel your way across the surface below you. But now, in our daily lives, we constrict our feet and walk on hard, flat surfaces, depriving our feet of their mobility. Humans are not designed to walk on flat surfaces – otherwise, we would have wheels instead of feet and knee and hip joints. And yet, we subject these parts of our bodies to impact against hard surfaces with each step we take, millions of times over the course of our lives, instead of training them.

This way of living causes major problems in our bodies – such as relieving postures, tension, blockages and pain – that we would not experience if we spent our lives walking on natural surfaces. Habits such as sitting for long periods of time make us more vulnerable to physical ailments, as they make our frontal muscles contract. Tension in the body causes stress and triggers additional pain when walking and standing.

The key: Quality before quantity

We recommend individual exercises to improve and fine-tune the movements used in ‘Swiss Natural Walking’. Precision is the key to becoming free of pain quickly and over the long term. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to movement – as is also the case when exercising or when it comes to food. Quality comes before quantity. These exercises have been specifically developed to eliminate poor gait patterns such as limping and other relieving postures while programming new, healthy, naturally active, and balancing movement patterns.

‘Swiss Natural Walking’ is about standing and walking on the soft, springy kybun material.

Floating instead of walking – ‘Swiss Natural Walking’ gives you this unique feeling. More than 100,000 people in Switzerland practise it and enjoy exceptional well-being. Kybun movement technology can help with: Back, hip, knee, leg, and foot pain such as heel spurs, Hallux valgus, achillodynia, etc.