kyBounder 46x6 cm Anthrazit
kyBounder 96x6 cm Bordeaux
kyBounder plus 96x2 cm Silber

Make everyday life more active with the kyBounder

The unique floating feeling
The kyBounder is a soft, supple, springy mat. Its reactive crumple zone allows the foot to sink in deep and springs straight back to its original position. The kyBounder encourages the body into constant, minute movements to maintain balance and posture. The rebound effect causes the muscles to tense and relax reciprocally, exercising the muscles in your feet, legs and trunk. The kyBounder improves your balance, coordination and all-round fitness without taking up any extra time at all.

Benefits and effects
• exercises your muscles
• relaxes your back
• kind on the joints
• improves posture
• reduces fatigue

A soft, pleasant feeling when standing in shoes
The 2-cm kyBounder plus is ideal if you have to work for long periods on hard surfaces, e.g. standing at a bank window, a sales counter or a workbench. The soft, supple kyBounder plus takes the strain off your whole body, is kind on your joints and helps combat tired legs. Its special coating makes it water-resistant and easy to clean, so it can be used with shoes.

From passive sitting to active standing
Whether you are doing the ironing or working on the computer, the kyBounder is good fun and makes everyday life more active. Amateur and professional sportspeople also use the soft, springy mat to exercise and regenerate. Click on the situation you are interested in to find out how you can stay fit and healthy with the kyBounder.

Aussagen und Meinungen zum kyBounder

I've got a mat at home, for my high desk. Sometimes at work. Then you can stand for longer, definitely. Once you've had a while to get used to it. It's like exercise, when you've used your muscles for a long time. If you just exercise every now and then, you tend to get tired faster. Your muscles ache or you feel it in your calves. But otherwise, I think the mat can have a supportive effect. You can stand more comfortably and for longer.
I could really imagine the kyBounder in the kitchen when I'm chopping onions, or I could imagine a mat like that in the bathroom. So that you keep on standing on this mat. 
I find it very pleasant. It feels to me like walking on a forest floor. It feels very pleasant in your joints;in your hips and knees. It's really nice and soft. It's very pleasant.

kyBounder Anwendungsgebiete

kyBounder im Büro
kyBounder beim Bügeln
kyBounder in der Schule
kyBounder für Senioren
Im Alter
kyBounder beim Sport
kyBounder in der Therapie

Welche Dicke benötige ich?

Which thickness is right for me?

kyBounder 2cm – For therapy and rehabilitation (learning to walk again)

kyBounder 4cm – For individuals with equilibrium problems or dizziness, senior citizens, children, and individuals with injuries.

kyBounder 6cm – For general daily use: in training, at home, or at the office.

Basic principle: the thicker the mat, the more intense the training effect of standing on the kybounder.

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Additional information

The compact kyBounder can be used anywhere that requires standing in your daily routine, whether at home or at work.

Pure Mobility – the kyBounder, the all-rounder: under a standing desk, at the counter, under the ironing board, etc. With this size you have enough room for various exercises.

Even if you have a longer desk, a larger kitchenette or need to cover a larger area with the kyBounder… we have the dimensions to suit your needs.

Therapeutic clinics or schools, daycare organizations and the kybun Centers use the extra long kyBounder.

Foam: open-celled Polyurethane

Cover: 92% Polyester, 8% Elastan with elastic fastening

Machine washable at 40°C  (100°F)