kybun brings movement to the workplace

The revolutionary kybun movement concept is a simply way to improve workplace ergonomics. Exercising while standing upright on the soft, springy kyBounder mat is the healthy alternative to sitting passively. The soft, springy structure of the mat subtly keeps the foot and leg muscles in constant activity in order to maintain balance and posture. What’s more, combining the kyBounder with a standing desk is an important part of health management. A comfortable workplace increases motivation and employee satisfaction and reduces sick leave absences.

kyBoot shoes are particularly well-suited for workers who are constantly on the go. This newcomer to the world of shoes features unique walk-on-air soles. The soft air cushion supports joints and releases tension in the back and neck. kyBoot shoes provide comfortable shock absorption and are incredibly comfortable, even after hours of wear.

Benefits and effect:

  • Relaxes and loosens the muscles
  • Improves posture
  • Can act as an effective measure against back pain
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Work more efficiently thanks to the combination of both a physical and mental workout
  • Increases creativity and learning ability
  • Improves general fitness without taking up any extra time
  • Is fun

Opinions/customer testimonials

Rene Leuppi, state-certified insurance specialist, Switzerland

Rene Leuppi, state-certified insurance specialist, Switzerland

I'd never have thought it. It's a huge surprise to me. Today I'm almost addicted and dependent on this product.

Santo Palamara, owner of Friulana Osteria and Pizzeria, Munich, Germany

Santo Palamara, owner of Friulana Osteria and Pizzeria, Munich, Germany

The basis is in the sole of the shoes. They give you great exercise. And I feel like a child bouncing on a mattress, that's probably the best way to describe the feeling. After a long day at work spent Standing and walking, you can feel the difference.

Jakob Wampfler, postal worker at the Federal Palace in Bern, Switzerland

Jakob Wampfler, postal worker at the Federal Palace in Bern, Switzerland

Since I started wearing kyBoot shoes, I've never had any pain in my feet, even after rushing around for 10 hours. They cushion you and level things out; my feet feel like they're permanently in a bubble bath.

Media reports about kybun in the world of work

Thursday 29. September 2016Wearing kyBoot shoes at the Swiss national tournament days

The Swiss national tournament days are being held on 9 and 10 September 2017 in Eschenbach, Lucerne. [more]

Thursday 29. September 2016Running a shop without any pain in the feet

As the owner of Albert Suhner AG, Michael Eugster is on his feet for at least ten hours every day. Until recently, he suffered from pain in the soles of his feet and had tired legs on a daily basis. [more]

Thursday 29. September 2016Nurses also need to take care of themselves

Nurses are always on their feet, helping their fellow human beings. They ensure the well-being of their patients, day in and day out, while often forgetting about themselves. [more]

Friday 13. May 2016Happy in spite of heel spurs

As a professional chef, Roger Christen is on his feet for over ten hours every day. He usually moves about on a hard floor in a very small space. The work became almost unbearable once he developed a...[more]

Thursday 10. March 2016kyBoot shoes get everyone moving – even if you prefer the couch

Bänz Fiechter recently started work as a coach driver. The 54-year-old previously ran the ‘Wäck’ hotel and restaurant in Emmental, a well-known entertainment venue, for 26 years. [more]

Thursday 14. January 2016FC St. Gallen players train with kybun products

FC St. Gallen regularly demonstrates its skills in front of thousands of spectators. The fitness of players is not just a matter of chance. [more]

Saturday 19. December 2015Working with a spring in your step – thanks to the kyBoot

Being on your feet all day and still coming home relaxed is a dream for many people with jobs where you’re required to stand all day. [more]

Monday 12. October 2015Using shoes to get rid of calluses

Christine Weisskirchen works the night shift at a hospital. She suffered for a long time from thick calluses and open areas on her feet. [more]

Friday 29. May 2015The perfect shoe for marching musicians

The majority of musicians in the Uttwill Musical Society have discovered the advantages of the Swiss air-cushioned kyBoot shoes. [more]

Friday 08. May 2015Musicians often suffer from pain

Professional musicians practise with their instrument for several hours every day. They often do this in an unnatural posture, resulting in tension and pain. [more]

Monday 09. March 2015Singer Freund insists on kyBoot

The Swiss folk musician Peter Freund wears the high-tech kyBoot footwear off stage. Initial reactions notwithstanding, today he feels relief for his knees, comfort and wellbeing. Now he no longer...[more]

Monday 09. March 2015Folk-pop star Manuela Fellner loves kyBoot

Onstage, her cheerful smile spreads happiness: Manuela Fellner. On her television folk-pop tour, the successful singer's smile was wiped away by painful rheumatism. [more]

Thursday 08. January 2015Almost without pain again after 25 years

As an insurance expert, René Leuppi is often out and about. For 25 years he suffered from serious pain and had to wear orthopaedic insoles. He also had pain in his hip. [more]

Thursday 27. November 2014The secret of freshness

Dutchman Olivier van der Staal works as a chef at the Renan community in Bern, where he conjures up delicious meals for residents made with fresh products from the community's own farm. [more]

Tuesday 22. September 2015Winning the battle against vein problems

Santo Palamara was plagued by serious pain in his veins for years. As the operator of the Friulana Osteria & Pizzeria in Munich, he spends hours on his feet every day.[more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014Soon won over despite his scepticism

René Keusen had to give up his job at the Opera House for health reasons. Two slipped discs and knee trouble made his life difficult and gave him severe pain.[more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014Koreans yodelling in Switzerland

Kim Hong-Chul from South Korea is a real fan of everything Swiss. He not only plays the Swiss folk accordeon but also yodels and sings folk songs in the local Swiss German.[more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014Soothing barefoot sensation at the garage

The two garage owners Peter Meier and Patrick Odermatt are on their feet for hours every day. Whereas once, in their hard shoes, they complained of tiredness and pain, today they are no longer...[more]

Tuesday 03. January 2017Customers recommend the kyBoot

Kurt Inderbitzin has worn the kyBoot for years. Thanks to the Swiss shoe with its air-cushion sole he has got over his hip trouble[more]

Tuesday 03. January 2017Comfortable through everyday life

Use kybun to relax and strengthen muscles[more]

Thursday 22. December 2016Olympic chefs stand on kyBoot

The six Swiss chefs are among the best in their field. The dedicated cooks have to stand long in the kitchen and have found the optimal shoe in the comfortable kyBoot.[more]

Wednesday 21. December 2016HSV and the kyBounder

The Hamburger football club HSV trains with the kyBounder. They are enthusiastic about the result. Professional footballers tell about their experiences.[more]

Wednesday 21. December 2016Happiness in the office

The office chair is gone. Work is now being done on the kyBounder, the soft-elastic spring floor.[more]

Wednesday 21. December 2016Like a lottery win

In the kyBoot, the former goalkeeper can go back painless after his serious injury.[more]

Wednesday 04. January 2017Football youth fit thanks to kyBounder

The National Training Center of Tenero integrates the kyBounder into the training program of junior athletes.[more]

Monday 03. November 2008kybun, an integral element in the office of the future

The Harvard Business School researched the office of the future and discovers that kybun is on the leading edge![more]