kyBoot – The perfect shoe for prosthetic feet

The soft, springy sole absorbs impact on all surfaces and enables the prosthetic foot to gently use the rollover motion. This saves a lot of energy and relieves stress on the residual limb. As a result, the hips and back are also relieved, which often leads to increased quality of life.

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Are the kyBoot shoes suitable for people with artificial legs?

Yes absolutely!

What we know and why we believe it's true?

We have first-hand experience!
We would like to introduce you to Mr Jürgen Zeller. Mr Zeller has had both of his legs amputated. He knew right away when he first tried on a pair of kyBoot shoes that he wanted to share this feeling with other people in a similar condition. It has been a matter very close to his heart since then to make sure that other people with prosthetic feet don’t suffer from wearing poor footwear. He wanted draw attention to how important it is for people with only one foot – or no feet at all – to also improve their gait with the perfect shoe in order to enjoy a better quality of life.

Mr Zeller completed the basic medical training course at kybun AG in 2015. Since mid-2015 he has been working as a freelance medical consultant and expert for amputees and people who wear prostheses in southern Germany.

Please visit Mr Zeller’s webpage Prothesen-Tuning if you have any questions about prostheses and amputation.

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Opinions/customer testimonials

All my life I have been looking for shoes, these shoes I met by chance after 20 years of searching for comfortable shoes. When I tried the shoes for the first time I had an acute problem in my right foot, a painful spur that caused me to limp. The moment I put my foot in the shoe I had stopped limping. Since then I do not take them off, I only wear them. These shoes have changed my life and improved its quality. They enable me to walk or stand 12 hours a day. I have no pain. All my orthopedic problems are still there but they do not bother me anymore.
I got a heel spur about six months ago. At first, my mum gave me some soothing creams after the matches, but none of it helped. I put on my mum’s kyBoot shoes just for fun. Then I wore the shoes at a match and it became a lot better.
I’m so impressed with these shoes. I used to have a heel spur and I’ve actually lost track of all the places I tried before resorting to private treatment. Let me tell you straight up that it was ridiculously expensive. I tried everything that my health insurance would cover and honestly, I was going around with a really bad heel spur for a year and a half. I just didn’t know where to go in the end. My husband and I really love hiking. But I just couldn’t go anymore so he had to go alone, which really upset me. I always thought that there must be something else out there and then I discovered this shop. I thought, ok, I’ll have a look and then I ended up buying the shoes. I had some minor problems with them in the beginning because I had an inflammation in my foot. Once that cleared up, it only took four days for the pain in my feet to go away. I think I’ve had these shoes for about three months now and they’re still the only ones I wear. I highly recommend them. I’m so impressed! For me, these shoes are the best thing since sliced bread!
The kyBoot has a positive effect on my heel spurs. They still hurt, but I can walk normally.
Hello, my name is Susanne Bogedaly. I have been suffering from chronic plantar fasciitis in both of my feet as well as a heel spur in my left foot for about a year and a half. I tried just about everything I could, including all conventional therapy methods. The doctors said there was virtually nothing left for them to try. I tried using insoles and sensorimotor insoles, took pain medication and underwent shockwave therapy. In the end, I was under so much psychological strain, and nothing had helped. In my desperation, I decided to try one last thing. I came across the kyBoot on the Internet and tried on a pair. I did some research and opted for this model. I am very impressed. It was my last hope, and it has enabled me to walk comfortably, like I’m walking on air, just the way it was described in the advertisement. It is perfect for me, because I’m a nursery teacher and need to be on my feet every day. I am standing for many hours every day, so I wear the shoes at work and also wear them as slippers at home. I have already place an order for the next model, which is the Arosa model. This is a black lace-up boot that comes up to here. It looks very elegant. I want to encourage everyone who is suffering a similar fate as I was and is in despair to simply try it out! It really is worth it. I am very impressed. I can walk again comfortably and almost without any pain. I will stick with the kyBoot. I am very happy with it. I wish everyone the best and urge them not to give up!
The kyBoot is of greatbenefit to me. First of all, it helped with my knee problem, and then it helped with my heel spurs. That was the key thing. But my knees even hurt less, too,and it stimulates your circulation.
I had a problem with heel spurs. I couldn't walk any more. The doctor told me to walk for at most 20–30 minutes a day; no more walking uphill or downhill. And by coincidence I was in Bern and passed a kyBoot shop. So I went in and came out with a pair of kyBoot shoes. I put the shoes on straight away. They advise you not to wear the shoes too much at the start, but I've been wearing them since day one, and haven't had any problems in any of that time.
I had a heel spur this summer, so I went to the chemist's and wailed that I needed some pills. Instead, the sales assistant gave me a pair of kyBoot shoes. I never took them off again. After that, I heard there was a kybun shop in Rüti, and since then I've bought another two pairs.
In my work as a sales trainer, I stand pretty much every day for 8-10 hours. A few years ago, this created a real problem – tremendous pain in my feet. It started with incredibly sharp pain from the first step out of bed in the morning, and built strongly throughout the day, to the point I could barely focus on my work by lunchtime. My doctor told me it was a common ailment that affects people who stand or walk a lot, called plantar fasciitis. For years, I tried everything – softer shoes, inserts to reduce heel shock, sitting during my presentations, even acupuncture, but nothing worked. I spent thousands on these so-called “cures” without any relief. Then one day while walking (painfully) down the street in Oakville, Canada I came across a little sign that advertised “new Swiss shoes that promised tremendous walking comfort”. Inside the pharmacy, a very nice woman introduced me to the kyBoot. Wow, the pain in my heels was already less after just a couple of hours in the kyBoot. After returning to Switzerland, I bought a pair immediately and started wearing them in my day-to-day work. After 2 weeks, I noticed something amazing… I no longer felt my feet during the day. They were just there, comfortable, and happy. No pain, even after I took off my shoes in the evening. No pain in the morning when getting out of bed. I simply could not believe it. The pain in my feet is simply gone – it’s changed my life. Pain is no longer the focus of my every waking (or walking) minute and I can stand all day in my workshops in total comfort. I am thankful for this amazing invention. These are the most terrific shoes and they really have changed my life!

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